Unnecessary Laughs…

As it is said, “laughter is the best medicine”, and we do enjoy laughing. The reason of laugh may or may not be genuine but we do laugh whenever we get a chance.  🙂 Laughing is really beneficial for health, no doubt. There are also situations where we laugh unnecessary without any reason. It also happens that people starts laughing in serious situation. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Suppose you are going by train and successfully boarded it at the pick-up station. Meanwhile after few hours of journey, you lost your mobile which contains the soft copy of your ticket. You got nervous as the ticket checker is on the way to check yours. By knowing this, one of the passenger start laughing loudly looking at you. He is laughing in such a manner which made other people laugh as well. How will you going to react?
  • You went to a marriage ceremony and due to some reason; conflict arose between your close friends. Instead of handling and trying to help in negotiation, you started to laugh by looking at your friends. You laughed a lot and suddenly your friend came and scolded you but you continued to laugh… may be due to some other reason…
  • You went to watch a movie and there is a serious scene going on in the movie. Most of the audience including your friends with whom you went is very serious and some are crying as well due to the emotional scene. But you are in your own world and suddenly started to laugh in such a manner like someone has cracked a big joke. People around you looked at you in a serious manner and you realized that something is really serious. What explanation will you give for this? 🙂

There are many other circumstances where we come across such situations. Sometimes we definitely enjoy. If you ask from me, I do laugh even though if it is not required. The third case is an excerpt from my incident. 😛  Frankly speaking, I enjoy that time when my laugh irritates others.  LoL… 😛

What is your take on such laugh? Do you enjoy or get irritated? Share your experience…  And do answer this question, What is the reason behind such unnecessary laughs?

– Ashish Kumar

51 thoughts on “Unnecessary Laughs…

  1. kristinagallo

    I was sitting at cafe bar with my husband and hear talk next to our table. Two guys were bragging about girls, they compete who had more experience. I started to laugh, with tears in my eyes, cause they used words as “cheap”, “poor” “free as air”. It was not nice behavior but their judgment was indeed funny because they looked as two tramps. As , they should look themselves in mirror. I enjoyed, as they gossiped, they should knew how someone is laugh to them while they are judging.

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    1. Hmmm… This incident as you mentioned is really funny but behaviorally, not correct. Yes, people become judgemental too early which should not happen, in my opinion…
      I would like to thank you for sharing your experience which also made me to smile for a while… 🙂 Keep smiling … 🙂

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      1. kristinagallo

        Yes that was point, their behavior was not right, but is good that they feel on their skin when someone laughs to them. I am glad that i made you smile, and btw great idea for post. I always comment just those posts which really captured my attention.

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  2. 😂. I have one such incident when my brother was floundering in water (he didn’t know how to swim) and I was laughing my head off (I know, very cruel of me), but that was my first reaction. Maybe sometimes it’s just our way of hiding insecurity, nervousness or anger.

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            1. Yes… Childhood memories are like that only… we don’t know what we are doing… I was a notorious person in my childhood and till today I do some notorious tasks which make my family irritated but I do… LoL… 🙂 Probably will share some day in one of my post… 🙂

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  3. Your posts have the power to make me laugh. 🙂 Thankyou.
    To be honest, these days when people get angry at me, I can’t stop but laugh. And it’s amusing to see me. God, it’s hilarious to act insane, but life is best lived like that 🙂
    Here’s to much more laughter sessions on your blogs, Cheers!

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  4. Good one and it reminds me that whenever there is a serious and tensed situation my husband always starts laughing and I get annoyed on this .. How can one laugh at duch situation is my first question to him in such situation.. but now i know there are many more like him .. 😂 thanks 🙂

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      1. 🙂 when he faces a question paper and find himself nowhere near any answer he says he laughs.. and his reason is quite apt .. aur kya karein jab kuch aata nahin toh ro kar kya fayda .. 😂😂

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  5. I read some of your post jist now…and seriously they are all mind blowing.
    The way you write and share funny incidents uplifted my mood in seconds and let me laughing without any particular reason😂😂
    Seriously they are awesome….I’m definitely going to recommend my other friends who are on wordpress to follow and read your posts. 😁😁

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    1. Welcome to my blog… Nice to have your visit here… Keep visiting… 🙂

      Your comment is a motivation for writer like me. I appreciate your kind gesture towards my writing… Delighted to know that my posts are worthy enough to make you and others laugh… Thank you so much… means a lot.. 🙂


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