(My this poem is a feeling that most of us is having in our mind. Hope that u will like my work and u will definately enjoy it. Have a look at it….)

My arms are stretching for you.
My heart is crying for you.
My soul is dying for you.
My emotions are scattering for you.

When you will be mine, i don’t know.
When you will come with me i don’t know.
I have lots of proposals.
Converted all of them into disposal.
Just for you….

Making all effort to achieve you.
Don’t know why you are giving no response?
Just say once i will do everything for you.
But please don’t make your decision a suspense.

I want you no doubt.
I care for you no doubt.
Just give me a positive sign dear i will be forever for you.

But its really true that “I WANT YOU”…………..