काश कोई ऐसा सहारा होता जिसको पकड़कर मैँ जी भर कर रो पाता।

काश कोई ऐसा किनारा होता जहाँ बैठकर मैँ अपने आप से बातेँ करता।

काश मेरे साथ एक ऐसा धागा जुड़ा होता जो मेरे से कभी न जुदा होता।

काश कोई ऐसा घड़ा होता जहाँ मैँ अपने आँसुओ को सहेज कर रखता।

काश मैँ पानी मे रहता जहाँ मेरे आँसू को कोई न देख पाता।

काश मेरे साथ “भखवान” होता तो शायद ऐसा कभी न होता।

– आशीष कुमार


(… this poem is something of different taste. Check this and i hope your time will not be wasted. Please have a look at it …)

When i woke up there is a silence.
When i get ready there is a silence.
When i walk there is a silence.
When i work there is a silence.

Showing my sympathy to everyone.
Giving them all which i also can’t afford.
Always ready to help everyone.
But when i need who will give me support.

Loosing my patience.
Creating a big difference.
Having my sentiments of cost of only one pence.

Sun rises daily but when i will rise.
Sun sets daily but i never set.
Flowers have fragrance and i have only disgrace.
Each one is having a dream but when my dream will become a cream.

I hear noise everytime.
But then also there is a silence.
I see happiness everywhere.
But then also there is a depression.

Silence silence everywhere.
Don’t know the place to live where.
Moving in a dark area where there is a candle but i am unable to see the light.
No strength left for fight.

When it will be out???

– by Ashish kumar