We will rest…

Weather is cool and smooth.
Your companion is always soothe.
Your silence speaks more than your words.
I am diving deep in your love.
When you came suddenly in my arms.
I became wealthy by your charm.
Worthy are those who find their love.
What about me when you are my love.
Trust me you are the best.
Come in my arms and we will rest.
You can’t look back the atrocities of past.
Better to move on and bury the past.
You suffered a lot and its’ time to enjoy.
Come together and we will have joy.
Let’s begin and start our journey.
We will create a new history.
Life is not always what we expect.
Sometimes it does the patience test.
Be patient and hopeful.
As you are the best.
Trust me you are the best.
Come in my arms and we will rest.

– Ashish Kumar

The best is yet to come

Cursed in the middle of life.
Darkened by the absence of light.
Depressed by the fall of a fruitful tree.
Receiving problem from life without fee.
Moving in the unknown path.
In search of a new path.
May be the chance is not much.
But the best is yet to come.

During of midst of good and bad.
Thought whether life has made me mad.
Shivered from the sudden demise of hope.
I am finding the cape of good hope.
Life is never problem free.
Wondered is life is a problem for me?
Finding solution which is some.
As the best is yet to come.

Haunted memoirs often come in my dream.
Burning those memoirs with my new dream.
Loving the problems is my new hobby.
As I do love my hobby.
Life has no meaning without problems.
Attitude is to tackle the problem.
Although one may not always succeed.
Try and take risk in order to proceed.
Life gave many startling situations.
Paved me to take startling decisions.
Left in an uncertain and sudden void.
I cried a lot with inner voice.
Body shivered and heart crippled.
I was left with nothing settled.
Accepted the tragedy with stone-hearted heart.
As I have to start from scratch first.
Sooner or later I will stand and come.
As the best is yet to come.
The best is yet to come.

– Ashish Kumar

Unnecessary Laughs…

As it is said, “laughter is the best medicine”, and we do enjoy laughing. The reason of laugh may or may not be genuine but we do laugh whenever we get a chance.  🙂 Laughing is really beneficial for health, no doubt. There are also situations where we laugh unnecessary without any reason. It also happens that people starts laughing in serious situation. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Suppose you are going by train and successfully boarded it at the pick-up station. Meanwhile after few hours of journey, you lost your mobile which contains the soft copy of your ticket. You got nervous as the ticket checker is on the way to check yours. By knowing this, one of the passenger start laughing loudly looking at you. He is laughing in such a manner which made other people laugh as well. How will you going to react?
  • You went to a marriage ceremony and due to some reason; conflict arose between your close friends. Instead of handling and trying to help in negotiation, you started to laugh by looking at your friends. You laughed a lot and suddenly your friend came and scolded you but you continued to laugh… may be due to some other reason…
  • You went to watch a movie and there is a serious scene going on in the movie. Most of the audience including your friends with whom you went is very serious and some are crying as well due to the emotional scene. But you are in your own world and suddenly started to laugh in such a manner like someone has cracked a big joke. People around you looked at you in a serious manner and you realized that something is really serious. What explanation will you give for this? 🙂

There are many other circumstances where we come across such situations. Sometimes we definitely enjoy. If you ask from me, I do laugh even though if it is not required. The third case is an excerpt from my incident. 😛  Frankly speaking, I enjoy that time when my laugh irritates others.  LoL… 😛

What is your take on such laugh? Do you enjoy or get irritated? Share your experience…  And do answer this question, What is the reason behind such unnecessary laughs?

– Ashish Kumar


brotherhood-award A great thanks to Prakash B Hegade for nominating me for Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award. I would like to thank him for selecting me for the same. I feel privileged to have this. He is a very good writer. Do check his blog i.e ItsPH which you will like it for sure. 🙂 Before I answer the questions raised by him I would like to mention the rule first. So here are the rules for this award…


  • Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
  • List the Rules and Display the Brotherhood of the world Award logo to your post and/or blog.
  • Answer the questions set to you and then you may create your set of questions for your nominees.
  • Nominate around ten other bloggers and let them know about the award.

My Answers   

  1. Which one suits you best? Yo! or Yo Yo!! ?


2.  Are you a yayy person or whatever person?

            I am a jolly and moody person who enjoys life. 🙂

3.  What is your idea of a flop movie?

              A movie which irritates you badly and you also forget yourself… 😀

4.   Bike or car?


5.   Sunny evening, five best friends and what?

             Talking,roaming here and there…

6.   “Game of Thrones”. Yes or No?


7.   You and your only best friend.  Walk or movie or other?


8.   Chess or carom?


9.    How good chef are you?

             I like to cook but cannot describe how good it is but it is enjoyed by the one who eats it.

10.   Short and crisp or long and descriptive?

               Depends on the situation.

Now the nominees for the Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award are as follows:

     My questions to nominees…

1. What kind of person you are. Introvert,extrovert or ambivert?

2.  Who is your source of inspiration?

3.  The most happiest moment of your life.

4.   What legacy would you like to leave.

5.  Your most beautiful imagination so far.

6.  Favourite quote.

7. Hobbies other than blogging.

Have fun , this is just to recognize wonderful blogger and spread love with a bit of fun. All the best wishes to the nominees. 🙂    

           – Ashish Kumar