Thank you The Undertaker…

The Undertaker, one of the greatest World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars of all time shocked the world by signalling his retirement after being defeated by Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33 on April 2, 2017. After the match with Roman Reigns, the Undertaker left his gloves, coat and hat in the center of the ring and walking up the ramp and performing his signature arm raise pose.

Born on 24th March, 1965, Mark William Calaway, popularly known as The Undertaker is remembered for his 21 continuous win at Wrestlemania after being defeated by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. This continuous win at wrestlemania is a streak which is unprecedented. His name has become synonymous with WWE. This is a small tribute to the legend whose legacy will remain forever. He will be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame soon.

Thank you Undertaker for everything for 27 long years. 🙂

– Ashish Kumar


Perception about writers…

Hello  to all my bloggers and writers and to all who are reading this post. There is a question which often comes in my mind that why people think writer’s are unconventional and not normal. Most of the times I have seen people commenting about the writers ability to write and convey their thoughts. Or better to say they simply conclude that “writers are mad”. 😦 Are we really ???

Being myself a writer I can feel this kind of thoughts coming from those group of people who are non-writers. The question is how and why they perceive like this? I think if I am able to write something apart from academics work , it is an extra talent which I posses. This perception can be easily observed and I think you might have felt the same at some point in life. It is a kind of startling perception.


One reason can be they are jealous that how he/she is able to write while doing other task as well. 🙂 Those who write they only know how much effort and dedication is required in writing which include fiction, short stories, poems, articles etc. What to include and what not to include in the posr? Is the post can be related to those who are reading ? Also those criticize writers they forget that they too are reading something either in books, internet or newspapers, novels  etc which are also being composed by non other than writers itself. I have been also criticized by many like “Kya likhte rehta hai… koi kaam nahi hai kya? (What you are always writng… Don’t have any other work?) ” 

I tell you the reason why I write. I write because I love to do so and I hope most of the writers write because of the same. It is the passion which keeps on growing  which results into creation of new posts.  I have written a poem summarizing about why people write. You can read that poem titled Why do I write?  So whats your take on perception about writer’s? Share your views in the form of comments…

– Ashish Kumar

The Glory of Indian Republic

26th January is one of the important day in Indian history. It is on this day in 1950, the Indian constitution came into force. This day is celebrated as Republic Day across the country.  It is one of the two most important national festivals along with Independence Day which is being observed on 15th August. Independence Day as the name suggests is the day when India got freedom from British regime and Republic Day is the one which made India to adopt its own constitution.


Although the history of Indian Constitution goes back. On 26 November 1949, the constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly and came into effect on 26 January 1950. Dr B.R Ambedkar was pioneer in drafting the Indian Constitution and was also the Chairman of Constitution Drafting Committee.  Dr Ambedkar was also the first Law Minister of independent India. His contribution is incomparable.

The President of India hoist the national flag at Rajpath, New Delhi. Every year India is hosting head of state or government of another country as a chief guest in Republic Day celebrations. In 2015 , India hosted Barack Obama, the then US President.  Last year it was French President Francois Hollande. This year UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will be the chief guest.

I wish all of you a very happy Republic Day. Do good to the nation as people only make or break the country. Contribute to the betterment of the nation so that India should reach new heights in every field. Enjoy, be cheerful and be happy. 🙂 Once again, a very happy Republic Day…


– Ashish Kumar

About WBJEE…

Studying in the State of Literature: Take WBJEE

This year West Bengal’s State level examination conducting authority, West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board has successfully completed 52 years of conducting state level exam. The board initially only conducted examination for a few Engineering colleges, but with the development and importance given to the education sector other courses like medical, hotel management, homeopathy, etc. Last year, the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board was constituted for efficiency and transparency purposes.

The WBJEE is a State level for different degree level courses in Medical, Dental, Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy and Architecture in Universities, Government colleges and also Self Financing Technological Institutes in West Bengal.The WBJEE is held for three types of examinees as listed below.










Mathematics, Physics+ Chemistry

For seeking admission in Engg./ Tech./ Arch. courses or in Pharmacy course in Jadavpur University


Biological Sciences, Physics + Chemistry For seeking admission in Medical/ Dental courses


Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Physics + Chemistry For seeking admission in Engg./ Tech./ Arch courses or Medical/ Dental courses or in Pharmacy course in Jadavpur University


  • Note 1: Candidates not domiciled in West Bengal are not eligible for medical/dental courses. They can register only as ‘E’ type candidate. They have to sit for Mathematics and Physics + Chemistry in order to get rank in Engineering/Technology. They may opt to sit only for Physics + Chemistry in order to get admission to Pharmacy colleges other than in Jadavpur University.
  • Note 2: For admission to Pharmacy course: Jadavpur University: Candidates have to appear for Mathematics along with Physics & Chemistry as “E” or “C”.
  • Note 3: Candidates appearing only in Physics + Chemistry under any type E or M or C will be eligible only for pharmacy course other than in Jadavpur University.
  • Note 4: Three separate merit lists will be published namely, (i) Engineering (ii) Medical and (iii) Pharmacy.



The WBJEEexam is generally held in the month of May and is a Multiple Choice Question paper (carrying four options). The question paper of each subject is divided into 3 categories. Category 1 contains 1 mark questions, while category 2 and 3 are of 2 marks. The Biological Sciences paper has 150 questions in all. Category 1 has 80 questions and Category 2 and 3 have 25 and 10 questions in total. Physics and Chemistry paper have 30 questions in Category 1 each, while Category 2 and 3 have 5 questions each from both the subjects. Therefore, adding to 100 questions in total. Category 1 of the Mathematics paper contains 50 questions and Category 2 and 3 contain 15 and 10 questions respectively.

The scoring pattern of the WBJEE is strict and very particular. Category 1 questions contain only one option correct out of four while one yield’s 1 mark for a right answer, but also loses ¼ marks for an incorrect answer. Also, if one marks more than one option the said answer is treated as incorrect.

Category 2 questions capitulates 2 marks for a correct answer and deducts ½ marks for an incorrect answer. In Category 3 one or more options are correct. The aspiring candidate gets 2 marks for a correct answer and for partially correct answers, i.e. when all correct answers are not marked and also no incorrect options is marked, marks are calculated as: 2 X (no of correct options marked)/(total no of actually correct options).

Candidates who are non-citizens of India cannot apply for the said examination. For engineering (other than Marine Engineering), Pharmacy and Architecture Courses and Medical and Dental Courses; the candidates should be of 17 years at least and there is no upper age limit. For Marine Engineering the candidates should be of 17 years and not more than 25 years.

There are different eligibility criteria for Engineering/ Technology courses other than Marine Engineering for different colleges. However, for all Colleges one has to pass 10+2 Examination of west Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education or equivalent examination from recognized Council/Board with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Biology.

For Marine Engineering aspiring candidates have to pass Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with 60% individually and with minimum 50% marks in English in 10 or 10+2 standard.

For Architecture and Pharmacy courses the student has to pass individually in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in 10+2 standard from a recognized Council/Board.

For Medical and Dental courses, the student has to pass individually in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 10+2 standard from a recognized Council/Board.


It is clear from the above explanations as to how one can proceed for WBJEE. A good option for those who wants to stay in Bengal.

Ashish Kumar

What is good and bad ?

There are times when we are not able to distinguish between the good and the bad. How do we come to a conclusion whether this is good or that is bad ? Is there a parameter for the same ? Well… this is an open debate and will remain as everyone has its own way to distinguish between the two. One thing can be good for someone and the same can be bad for others. This happens for sure. This article discusses about the goodness and badness.

In the fast moving world, we often come to circumstances where we are  not in a condition to come to a conclusion. A dilemma surrounds us. How do we call something is good ? If somebody helps you in trying condition, is that good ? When you are forced to do what you don’t want to do, is that good ? The normal answer is yes and no respectively.  There is also a time when we take some startling decisions hoping to have good impact in future but reverse happens. Life is full of twists and turns. Every individual has its own way to distinguish between the two.

Let me give some practical examples. Suppose a boy and a girl are in love with each other. The girl suddenly thinks that he is not a perfect match for her and decides to call an end to the relationship. When the boy comes to know the same he will be in shock for sometime for sure. Boy will definitely have  a kind of negativity and darkness at that time and in general he will say the girl did very bad to me. Ladki ne mere sath bahut ganda kiya… bla, bla etc… 😦  The reverse can also happen.  The thing is the boy thinks that the girl had done bad to him and at the same time the girl will think its good that I decided to dump him…. Now have a look at a different perspective. Suppose there are two friends who are having good friendship for a long time. First one has never been in bad doings and the second had done some bad in the past but not to his friend.  Both are having equal trust on each other. Suddenly there is a U turn taken by the second one due to greed or some other reason and he did something to his best friend which the later had never expected which ultimately lands his friend in no mans land. Now with this kind of betrayal the one who had never done bad in his life seems to have totally gone out of his goodness. He starts doing things which is totally out of his domain and range indulging in nuisance activities and ultimately harming others as well. Here betrayal made a good man finally coming in to a bad man now.  Is it right to become bad from good ?

The question what is good and what is bad has no answer in general. This is also a question which was running in my mind for many years. So I thought of raising this uncommon question in the form of this article. At the end, I would like to share one of the quotes of one of the greatest son of India, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati  who in this quote had given a strong message which makes this quote one of my favorite.

When bad does not leave their badness why does the good leave there goodness.

            – Maharshi Dayand Saraswati 


So what according to you is good and bad ? Share your views… 🙂

– Ashish Kumar