Sudden call…


I would like to share an excerpt from Radio Mirchi where you get some silly incidents which make you laugh. I was laughing so much which I can’t express. Just read and enjoy…

A person called a girl to inform about that he had liked her profile picture on facebook. The girl showed gratitude by saying thanks to the person and was impressed to know the same. After receiving thanks, the person told her that by mistake he liked her profile picture which he is going to dislike now. The girl asked the reason to dislike. The man said, “What is there to like in your picture? People like the picture when there is something to like. People press the like button if the picture is pretty enough, if it is attractive, beautiful etc.” Annoyed by this the girl says, “Since you have already liked the picture, let it be.” The person was not convinced with the girl’s argument. Read the following conversation.

Man: I pressed the like button by mistake so I will dislike it now.

Girl: Don’t dislike it. You have pressed the like button let it be as it is.

Man: No no, I will dislike. There is nothing to like.

Girl: Hey please don’t dislike.

Man: I will dislike. I just called you to inform that I am going to dislike your pic.

Girl: What do you think if you will dislike something will happen to me. I am getting 100 likes to my pictures.

Man: That’s good. Please enjoy today by 99 likes as I am going to dislike.

Girl: What the hell?

Man: It’s not hell. It was my mistake so I will rectify that.

Girl: Are you mad?

Man: I like only those pictures which are beautiful and attractive.

Girl: I am also beautiful and attractive.

Man: You? Not at all.

Girl: Just put the phone down.

Man: I am willing to but you are only increasing the conversation which is decreasing my balance.

Girl: Han to… Cancel the call.

Man: Ok… Just one minute. I want to say something.

Girl: What?

Man: You are not at all attractive so I will dislike your profile picture.

Girl: OMG…. Huh….

Really the above incident is funny. What do you say? Have you come across such unexpected calls… If yes how you responded that moment or share any such moment which you have observed… Just for fun 🙂 . .. Hope you have enjoyed reading… 😛

   – Ashish Kumar

40 thoughts on “Sudden call…

  1. Hahaha superb.. If i get such a call where the guy says he hates my pic I would be overjoyed. I don’t want such people on my known list.. In fact people who compliment on my pic on Facebook are treated with disdain by me. What a strange man says is not imp, what my mirror says is imp… 😉😉

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    1. Welcome to my blog… Good to connect with you here… 🙂
      That’s strange to know that compliment is treated as a disdain by you… yes, mirror never says something which is false… it always gives a true picture…
      Hope you enjoyed reading the post… keep visiting… 🙂

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      1. Simple logic, looking at dp a guy says beautiful is not real.. He doesn’t know the real me so beauty which is skin deep has no meaning.. Well I am differently weird now that would be a compliment 😉😉

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        1. Yes… real beauty can be known only when you know the person … just by looking the pic and praising is an attraction… no doubt… Its very good to know your opinion on it which I really appreciate… 🙂


        1. That’s so nice of you… I am delighted to know that which is motivation for me to keep writing… I was not that much frequent in blogging for the past one year but I try to post whenever I can… Once again thanks a lot for such a nice appreciation which is the biggest reward a writer can get… 🙂

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