Shayari – 10

विडंबना है मानव निर्मित दुनिया की।

विडंबना है मानव निर्देशित दुनिया की।

मानव रहित जग में मानवता शून्य हो रही है।

इंसानों में इंसानियत होना एक स्वपन हो गई है।

प्रतिस्पर्धा के इस दौर में इंसान बहुत आगे निकल गए।

अफ़सोस सिर्फ इतना है …

मानवता और इंसानियत पीछे छोर गए |

– Ashish Kumar

Usual to Unusual…

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Everything in life was going normal.
Just like “Business as Usual.”
Morning to evening and till night.
Every day was like a fight.
Weekend was one which we used to like and wait.
As it was a formal way to take a break.
Exploring nearby and far places in the vicinity.
Provided a way to find serenity.
Going out was a normal course of business.
Be it for work, tea/kulhar or tapri tea, shopping or movie.
Our face used to thrill with positive expression.

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The freedom of roaming here and there no more lasts.
As the world suddenly suffered the “Corona” blast.
Weather of world has changed in startled way and direction.
Work from home and social distancing is the new evolution.
Life is no more “usual” now.
Surviving in this pandemic is the priority now.
We don’t know how much it will last.
As the world is suffering from the “Corona” blast.
Life is no more “business as usual.”
As life has changed suddenly from “usual to unusual”.
As life has changed suddenly from “usual to unusual”.

– Ashish Kumar