Quotations have become a part of our life.  It has a powerful impact on people as it conveys deep meaning in few words or sentences.  We use it whenever it suits.  Writing quotations is always a pleasant feeling for me. 🙂

So here is the sixth installment of “FEW QUOTES” which i hope will be appreciated by you. I will be eagerly waiting for your views. 🙂 Do have a look…

1.  Sometimes tears comes out from the eyes  even though we have not cried

 2.  People meets to get separated. The separation is fixed the day when we first meet. 

3.  Don’t depend on others to guide you in your way. Try to become candle of yourself who        will always show you the path , a ray of hope whether in day or in night.  

Ashish Kumar



I have been nominated for Liebster Award  by Shambhavi. She is a wonderful writer. Reading her post is always a pleasure. I will recommend you to read her posts as well. I would like to thank her for nominating for this award. Thank you so much Shambhavi for giving me this opportunity.

Well I created my blog way back in February 2011 and posted my first post in April, the same year. Since then I am posting time to time but not so frequently. 🙂    The longest gap was 7 months which I don’t want to break at all. 🙂 Writing is my passion and I love to spent time writing poems, articles and quotations.

Now I am here to give answers to the questions being asked by Shambhavi.

Q1.   What is your motivating word?

It cannot be answered in a word but few combination of words. Well life is precious. So “live your life”. 

Q2. What is it, that you want to achieve at present or in near future?

I would like to become a good Computer Engineer and publish my writing(poems,articles etc) in future.
Q3. An animal you would love to share your life with?

Q4. Your idea behind this blog?

I am passionate about writing. I would like to touch every topic in such a way that can create an impact on readers. And at the same time touching issues which are crucial and should be discussed. Not only discussed but also providing the way to rectify if needed. That may come in the form of poems, articles and quotations. 
Q5. Music genre of choice? Mention the artist/song close to your heart.

Melodious songs which are pleasant to hear. Mentioning a particular artist is a difficult task for me to do. I like both old and new songs which gives a pleasant feeling.
Q6. Your thoughts on love?

In my opinion , love is a silent prayer to god. Just pray for your love wherever he /she resides.
Q7. One colour that can change your mood?

Pink 🙂
Q8. Favourite quote?

Again a difficult job to pick a quote. 😦 But this one is one of my favourite.

” If life gives you hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have thousands reasons to smile.” 
Q9. Hobbies other than blogging?

Listening songs, reading newspaper, exploring new things.
Q10. Recommend a dish I must try.

Fried cauliflower. It has amazing taste. 🙂

Answering these questions was a nice experience. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Now here is the blogger’s list which i would like to nominate for the award.


Soumya Gupta

Alok Singhal


Chandan Bharti

Ravi Kant Singh

Ruchi Chopra


Kunal Borah


Here is the list of questions for the nominees. 🙂

Q1.  What is the difference between love and like?

Q2. What according to you is the most social work a man can do?

Q3. What is the most happiest moment of your life till date?

Q4. Which person have influenced your life the most?

Q5. What type of personality you posses. Choose from the below list…

Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert

Q6.  What is your philosophy of life?

Q7. Mention one quote which has been a source of inspiration in your life.

Q8. Hobbies other than blogging and reading.

Q9. Favourite colour and why?

Q10. Favourite dish.

All the best wishes to all of you. 🙂   Here are the rules for this award.


  • Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they
    have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person
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  • Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make ten
    questions of your own for your nominees.
  • Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.

All the nominees are free to accept or reject the nominations.

Congratulations and all the best wishes to all of you. 🙂

– Ashish Kumar



Some reality is really going to happen.

In spite of being to be sadden.

Life is such full of twists and turns.

Sometimes it earns and sometimes it burns.


                              Life is a battle.

                              Sometimes we beat life and sometimes life beats us.

                              Winning and losing will continue in life.

                              Unless and until we are unable to survive.



 At the end.

We will die.

This is the ultimate truth.

Which will happen for sure.

Because the death was decided the day we were born.

But then also we fear.

Not because of death.

But  because of  being separated from our dear.




                                           The one who dies goes to an imaginary world.

                                           Leaving a void in their dear’s world. 

                                           Some truths are bitter to accept.

                                           Either good or bad, but we have to accept.



Sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

This happens daily either we work or rest.

So is the life.

Happy and sad moments will continue to come.

Because …

Life is such full of twists and turns.

Sometimes it earns and sometimes it burns.


Ashish Kumar





Quotations are a part of our daily life. Quotations are capable of portraying complex things in few words. We always come across many quotations that we find in TV, newspaper, blogs etc. We love to use them whenever there is a chance.

So here are few of my quotations which I hope you will enjoy reading it. It’s a    small post so it won’t take much of your time. Your views are precious to me. So i would like to have your views on it. I hope you will enjoy going through it… 🙂

1.        Friendship is one of the most crucial relationships in this world.  You can             easily  find “friends” among yourself and you will have many people who will “portray themselves as your friend”.   “Good friends” are hard to find and last but not least “true friends” are rarely found. If you have true friends in your life then you are really a lucky person.


2.  Become shadow of yourself but not like the ordinary one who leaves you in     absence of light. But the one who will be present with you even though if there is no light.


3.   There must be a fire in you who should keep burning to carry you forward,  who should build the desire and obsession to contribute to this world which is the ultimate service to yourself and to this world.  So let the fire burn always.


Ashish Kumar


We all are familiar with this word. We always use this word in our day to day life. I don’t think that there is any day when we don’t use or come across this word. This word “knowledge” is of utmost importance in everyone’s life.  We also use this word in sarcastic manner whenever required. We also tease others sometimes with a joke or in serious manner that “how much knowledge do you posses???”  When we say like this or ask such type of questions to others do we ever realize what knowledge do we posses? Do we have the right to judge others on the basis of their knowledge? Do we know everything? Or we are having so much over confidence that we always try to demoralize others by throwing such kind of questions???


   Before i go to answer the above raised questions let me put one more question in line.


How many know the answer to this question? I know this is one of the shit question being asked by someone or this might be the worst question to many of us.  But this question cannot be ignored. We should find the answer to this question. Are we really a knowledgeable person? I will not throw any more question as of now because i have already bombarded many questions.


So let me come to the point now. What is a knowledge. Is knowledge means reading thick books only. Or memorizing all the topics like a parrot and score good marks in the exam.  Or knowledge means understanding each and every topic thoroughly  and implement  it according to the needs and requirement. If i say that this person is very knowledgeable then within a fraction of second his/her image is generated in our mind and our perception starts accordingly. We start thinking in one direction. The picture comes that he is the most intellectual person of this world.

Here comes our fault… When we say that he is a knowledgeable person then we always perceive in one direction and that direction is knowledge related to books or “bookish knowledge”.

In my opinion there are two kinds of knowledge. They are:

1. Bookish knowledge
2. Behavioral knowledge

We all are familiar  with bookish knowledge and most of us is having bookish knowledge. But do we have behavioral knowledge.   Yes  most of us are having bookish knowledge but  when it comes to behavioral  knowledge , i am sorry to say the  count is very few.  


In this fast moving world we are able to gain bookish knowledge and there is no problem in it. I am not criticizing the bookish knowledge which is a must requirement  to survive. We must have the knowledge related to our fields but at the same time we are forgetting our behavior or behavioral knowledge.   When it comes to behavior it is very difficult to find a person having proper behavior.


In the present world the number of knowledgeable person is increasing but at the same time the number of behavioral person is diminishing. There might be some reason why the behavior is getting degraded day by day. One of the reason may be the greed  to get everything even though we didn’t deserve to have it. That greed may degrade the behavior.  Other reason may be the lack of healthy competition now a days. People use foul practices in order to defeat their competitors which definitely affect their behaviors. One of the most important or i can say root cause of lack of behavior is “lack of satisfaction”. No one is satisfied now a days and that leads to unfair activities being done by them which ultimately leads to the degradation of their behavior.  


Let me give few examples where lack of behavior is being observed.

   Suppose your friend needs your help. He/she might be in trouble and needs you. You helped him when he required. But after that there is a sudden change in his behavior. He has stopped talking to you suddenly without letting you know the reason for the same. At that time you will really  feel bad  and you will definitely think for sometime that what went wrong. Here comes the behavioral picture of a person. It didn’t costs anything to talk to that person who helped you when you were in vain. But it happens as we all know because nobody knows when and where there will be a U-turn in the behavior of a person. This is one of the biggest drawback of any person to take a U-turn anonymously which should not happen .


  This is one of the simple example i have given. There are many more. I am sure you all might have come across the situation where the behavior of person have hurt you. Life is such full of twists and turns.

If the behavior of a person is good then he will be happy and can lead a good life. I agree good behavior cannot decide how much sum of money will you earn in your life but its also true that your behavior decides who will stay in your life. 


As i mentioned above the two kinds of knowledge : Bookish and Behavioral. 

Having only bookish knowledge can make your career bright and you can earn many thing.

Having only behavioral knowledge  but no bookish knowledge  can make people available for you or you can have people surrounding you.

But having the combination of both bookish and behavioral knowledge is an optimum one which will make you a “good human being” and becoming a good human being is the toughest task… 


– Ashish Kumar