Want some rest.
Just waiting for that fest.
Getting slowly and slowly prepared.
To catch the one which i always wondered.

Tired of all the mess.
Which made me restless.
Fighting with daemons day and night.
That left me with smile of slight.
Want some rest.
Just waiting for that fest.


Getting the noise from all side.
That left me alone and aside.
Accepting the challenges of the life.
Breaking the wall of obstacle with joy.
Collecting all the thrown stones.
Making path from that stones.

The battle is not over yet.
It will arrive again for sure.
It may come in the form of a threat.
I will fight which i am sure.
But for now…
Want some rest.
Just waiting for that fest.


– Ashish kumar


Here are few of my quotations which I would like to share among you. Your views on my previous quotations have motivated me a lot and because of that I am back  again. 🙂 I hope to have your views on this collection of quotes.  🙂

1.  Its true that some mistakes or sins are forgivable and forgettable. But it is also  true that some cannot be absolved.

2.  Some questions are unanswered and some should remain unanswered. Trying  to answer  such questions may arise a new unanswered question.

3.  There is something special in everyone. If you can get to know that special in  you , you can achieve  which you have never thought of it.

    – Ashish Kumar


When I walk, i see you walking with me.

Holding my hands, slowly looking at  me.

When i speak, i see you speaking with me.

Moving your lips, slowly talking with me. invisible                                                     

                                                You are the one who always comes in my dreams.    

                                                I don’t know whether i am in a dream.

                                                Sometimes giving a devastating look at my face.  

                                                That time i really like your face.


When the light come, you disappear.

In the dark, you again appear.

Not allowing me to sleep.

Don’t know whether  you take a sleep.

Are you a nightwatchman?


You are looking in me as your man.

“Who are you” is the only question to be answered.

Let it be as there it is, I don’t need any answer. invisible1

Never saw you with open eyes.

Then also want to knot a tie.

Got many gifts and presents.

But your presence is the ultimate “present”.

The presence which is not visible. As you have an “invisible presence”.                  

                 – Ashish Kumar