Peace is one of the most important things which one want to have in life. Everyone wants peace at some point or the other. The nature of peace can differ. One of the ultimate goals is to live a healthy, happy and peaceful life. Life is not same every time. If offers various setbacks too and learning from these setbacks makes us stronger and helps in decision making. Good and bad moments keep coming in life and so is the case with peace.

Living a peaceful life is everyone’s desire. How peace arrives in one life differ from others. There is no measurement of peace or peace cannot be quantified. If I am at peace, I can only feel it and that too from inside. Situation and environment also play its part to have peace in life. The deeds and activities we do in our life also matters to get peace. As peace can be only felt from inside, but most of the time, peaceful feeling occurs with outside situation and our actions or deeds. Confused???

Let’s understand it. Someone can feel the peace by listening songs, some can get the peace by exploring natures beauty, looking at the various landscapes can give peace, helping others can provide peace. Doing meditation provides peace. Someone can get peace by teaching the economically weak children free of cost, writing can give peace (including me) etc. and the list goes on.

Having said that, let us see the other aspect of peace which few so called “egoistic” people practice. Someone gets peace by hurting others, disrespecting others, and letting others down. They enjoy this and peace comes that way for them. In corporates, few managers get peace by humiliating their subordinates, by providing unrealistic tasks, by asking the status of work which were not assigned to them etc. Few does gets peace by practising such unethical things. Such kind of species exist.

Life is not free of problems and obstacles. It is full of ups and downs, good and bad moments and nothing lasts forever. So is the case with peace. Having peace for 24*7 is an ideal situation. It come and go, again come, and go and so on. If one is not having peace at a moment, one should not be worried because worrying for peace makes arrival of peace, far away. It just a matter of time which will pass, one day or the other. This reminds me of the below extract from a poem:

Peace comes in pieces.
All in shades of grey.

Peace comes in pieces. This line is so deep and intense. Indeed, as nothing lasts forever so is the peace. Just like happiness is followed by sadness, peace too has some moment to last and then past. Sometimes, we feel we are in full peace and sometimes we want some more peace. Such thoughts keep revolving in our mind but the point here is when we feel peace, whether it the full one or the part of it. That partial feeling of peace is what comes in grey sometimes and gets away from us. It is subjective to experience the full or partial peace. When it comes, it goes and comes back. This is life having multiple shades.

The above extract is from a poem, written by my blogger friend, Hema Narayan of HemasSphere. One can read the full poem here. She is a brilliant writer, and I would request my readers to explore her blog as well to taste her unique writings. Her blog URL is

Whatever life offers, there is a hidden learning, and we must try to explore that learning from various life situations. Stay safe, stay happy and of course, stay peacefully.

Ashish Kumar

Rat Race…

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Pretension of extreme knowledge.

Overwhelmed with lack of confidence.

Slowly makes the mind tenuous.

This process becomes continuous.

Layers of overconfidence and letting others down.

Seems to have mind with a golden crown.

What happens next?

Impatience overcomes the patience.

Calmness and sanity become absent.

This is followed by…

Red eyes and angry face.

Opens the gate of proverbial rate race.

Opens the gate of proverbial rat race.

Ashish Kumar

Surface of Illusion…

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In the playground full of noise and crowd.

Unpleasant experience coming all around.

Passing the buck is so common now.

Everyone pretends to be perfect now.

What make them perfect is an illusion.

Perfection comes from introspection.

Self-claim is the new phenomenon.

I am right always…

You are wrong always…

I know everything…

You know nothing…

What makes them so confident?

It can be…

A hollow surface of illusion.

Surrounded by…

Barking words and fake illustration.

Having their feet above air,

Seems they reside in exosphere.

Once they fall,

They may fall inside earth’s inner core.

Rising above that is not possible.

As entire life, they did which was not feasible.

World is surrounded by such illusionary people.

Such illusion is an illusion.

Reality is different.


Those who pretends to know everything knows nothing.

-Ashish Kumar

आँखे देखें सब सत्य…

आँखे देखें सब सत्य , पर मन मैला हो जाये।
इस मलीन मन को अब , कौन कैसे जलाये ?

ज़िन्दगी के समर में , आग उगलता इंसान।
इस आग में आखिर जल रहा , सिर्फ और सिर्फ इंसान।
शून्य हुआ संसार , मानव के बाजार में।
मिट रही मानवता , मानव निर्मित संसार में।
थम गयी है ज़िन्दगी , आज के इस दौर में।
सांसे रूकती जा रही , इस प्रदूषित अंधकार में।
सत्य स्वीकार्य नहीं , इस दूषित समाज में।
सब खुद ही सत्य हैं , इस अनोखे दौर में।
सब कुछ पाया हमने , इस भौतिक दुनिया में।
खोया तो सिर्फ इंसानियत , इंसानो की दुनिया में।
हंसी , ख़ुशी और अपनापन , सब लिप्त हो रही।
संघर्ष के इस काल में , आँखें मूँद हो रही।

फिर भी हम हैं आज , खुद को कुछ बदलना होगा।
इस नयी चुनौती से , अब मिलकर निपटना होगा।
मलीन मन को अब , दूषित नहीं करना है।
जो गलती जिससे हुई सो हुई , अब उठना है और बढ़ना है।
इस मंज़र को बदलना है , अब भी वक़्त है।
अंतर्मन की आवाज़ से , साथ मिलकर लड़ना है।
ज़रूरी है इस सत्य को समझने की …
आँखें देखे सब सत्य , पर मन मैला हो जाये।
इस मलीन मन को अब , कौन किसे जलाये ?

-Ashish Kumar