It rained a lot…

Sudden storm with lot of dust.
Making the surrounding full of dust.
Cloud bursting with full voice.
Echoing the environment with unnecessary noise.
Day became night due to dark cloud.
Suddenly barking voice started which was loud.
The situation was out of control.
Nothing was left to do the damage control.
Thunderstorm everywhere.
It rained a lot.
Yes, it rained a lot…
Not from the sky, but from the eyes.
It rained a lot.
Not from the sky, but from the eyes.

– Ashish Kumar

32 thoughts on “It rained a lot…

  1. Then let the eyes rain, sometimes better to let go of grief and start afresh just like the rain causes new grass to grow and mitti ki bhini bhini khushboo that’s what life should be…

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    1. Yes life is full of ups and downs and it is we who have to manage both.. The way we handle situation matters…
      Your comment is really inspirational… Thank you so much for reading and giving such a positive view… :–)

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