It requires Courage to commit SUICIDE…

Death is the ultimate truth as it is one of the rarest events which is certain to happen in life. He who are born will surely die as nobody is immortal. There can be many reasons of death like malnutrition, hunger, disease, injury or accidents, death due to natural calamity etc. One of the other reasons for death is suicide. Suicidal death is a serious concern which is rarely discussed and debated. Death is certain but committing suicide is right or wrong? This question is debatable and is subjective in nature. Needless to say, Suicide is a crime and this crime is not punishable unlike others. Suicidal deaths happen across the globe. In this article, I have tried to cover this burning topic of suicidal deaths.

India is a large country both in terms of area and population and the country had faced and is facing many issues. The question arises whether suicide is an issue? Looking at the suicidal death figures, one can get the glimpse of it. The statistics mentioned in this article is based on the Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) 2015 report published by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. In fact, suicidal deaths in India is more than 130,000 per year as per the NCRB data. Let’s look at the suicidal deaths from 2011 to 2015 as mentioned in below table:

Table 1: Suicidal deaths in India
Year Suicidal Deaths
2011 135,585
2012 135,445
2013 134,799
2014 131,666
2015 133,623
Source: Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) 2015 published by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

As it can be inferred from the five years data, suicidal deaths in India is more than 130,000 per year. In fact, the average suicidal deaths for the above mentioned five years comes out to be 134,223 per year. Further, calculating the average suicide in a day from 2011-2015, it comes out to be 368 (134,223 / 365 = 368). It means 368 people are committing suicide in India on daily basis. Further, 15 people commit suicide per hour (368/24 = 15).

Breaking it further, incidence of suicidal deaths is not distributed equally throughout the country. Some states have large number of suicidal deaths and some have few. In fact, it is largely concentrated in few states. In the year 2015, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal were top 3 three states in suicides as mentioned in below table:

Table 2: Top 10 states in suicidal deaths in the year 2015
State Suicidal Deaths Percentage Share
Maharashtra 16970 12.7%
Tamil Nadu 15777 11.8%
West Bengal 14602 10.9%
Karnataka 10786 8.1%
Madhya Pradesh 10293 7.7%
Telangana 10140 7.6%
Kerala 7692 5.8%
Gujarat 7246 5.4%
Chhattisgarh 7118 5.3%
Andhra Pradesh 6226 4.7%
Source: Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) 2015 published by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

Maharashtra accounted for 12.7% of suicidal deaths in India in 2015 followed by Tamil Nadu and West Bengal with 11.8% and 10.9% of suicidal deaths respectively. Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh accounted for 8.1% and 7.7% of suicidal deaths respectively. Combining these top five states, they accounted for 51.2% of suicides reported in the country, in 2015, and rest of India reported 48.8% suicides. It is important to note from the above table that Uttar Pradesh which is the most populated state (17% of country’s population) in the country is not in the top 10 list. In fact, Uttar Pradesh had reported comparatively lower percentage share in terms of suicidal deaths, accounting for only 2.9% of the total suicidal deaths in the country in 2015.

Apart from the top states with suicides, let us have a look at the major cities in India where suicidal deaths are in ample amount which is mentioned in below table:

                                Table 3: Top 10 Major cities with suicidal deaths in the year 2015
City Suicidal Deaths
Chennai 2274
Bengaluru 1855
Delhi 1553
Mumbai 1122
Pune 873
Ahmedabad 869
Hyderabad 728
Surat 663
Indore 528
Nagpur 483
Source: Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) 2015 published by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

Chennai heads the top of the list when it comes to suicides in major cities followed by Bengaluru and Delhi. There were 2274 suicides in Chennai in 2015 followed by Bengaluru and Delhi having 1855 and 1553 suicides respectively in 2015. As we know, New Delhi is the capital and Mumbai is the financial capital of India, Chennai can be said as the “Suicidal Capital”, on a lighter note. All the major cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai etc have reported more than 1000 suicides in 2015.

The Big Picture

One important characteristic of human being is courage and courage is required many times in life. There are many adventures which people like to do which requires courage. Courage is required in taking tough decisions and tackling unwilling situation. In fact, it is often required to take daring and courageous decisions in life.

When a soldier is fighting with the enemy, he must be fearless and courageous to defend his nation. When a student disqualifies in his exams or job recruitment, he should fight back with proper preparations which requires strong determination. Imagine a situation where nothing is in your support (financial, moral or familiar) and you are determined to pursue your goals going against everyone, taking such kind of decision require immense courage. When farmers bow seeds in rainy season, courage is required. There are many famous personalities across the globe who have proved themselves with their strong determination and courageous decisions.

Having said that, what makes people to commit suicide. What makes them to take such decision? It can be poverty, love affairs, unemployment, hunger, financial problem etc. As per the ADSI report, 27.6% of suicidal deaths in 2015 happened due to family problems. The other causes of suicides are mentioned in below table:

Table 4: Percentage share of Various causes of Suicides during 2015
Causes Percentage Share
Family Problems 27.60%
Illness 15.00%
Causes not known 12.10%
Marriage related issues 4.80%
Love affairs 3.00%
Bankruptcy or indebtedness 3.30%
Drug Abuse/Addiction 2.70%
Unemployment 2.00%
Failure in Examination 2.00%
Other Causes (Poverty, Physical abuse, Professional/Career problem etc) 26.20%
Source: Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) 2015 published by National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

From the above table, it can be inferred that family problem was the major cause of suicides in 2015. Tamil Nadu recorded the highest number of suicides due to family problems. There were 7377 suicides due to family problems in Tamil Nadu in the year 2015. The second most cause of suicide is illness accounting for 15% of total suicides. Unemployment and failure in exam accounts for 2% separately.

From the statistics discussed above on number of suicides and causes of suicides, suicide is a major concern, but it is rarely discussed and debated. There are many problems one faces in his life but ending own life solves the problem?

Committing suicide requires enormous courage. Every decision in life requires some courage but committing suicide requires the most. Ending one’s own life is not feasible and suicide cannot be the solution of any problem. Think the other way around. If someone has the courage to decide to commit suicide, why can’t that courage should be used to solve the problem? There are some points which I would like to raise…

  • Committing suicide requires courage. Why that courage is not used to solve the problems which compels the person to commit suicide?
  • Ending one’s life and leaving the family members alone is good?
  • Committing suicide is the toughest decision and if someone can take such decision which requires enormous courage, that courage should be used to tackle the situation which compelled the people to commit suicide.
  • The person who commits suicide leaves a forever pain to his near and dear ones. The person who commits suicide gets rid of the problem, but his family suffers for long. A void is created which is impossible to fill.
  • India, where 368 people and 15 people commit suicide on daily basis and hourly basis respectively, why this issue is not raised and what can be the solution to minimize the same?

What is your take on suicide? Is it justifiable to end own life or that courage should be utilized to solve the issue? While reading this article of mine, some of you may think that I am being philosophical by raising such query but frankly speaking, this is a concern which was in my mind for many years and hence thought of putting before you. In fact, I have raised this issue in one of my previous articles titled “Suicide – Right or wrong?”, the same can be read here.

Please share your views. Would be happy to have insights from all of you on this rarely discussed issue.

– Ashish Kumar

35 thoughts on “It requires Courage to commit SUICIDE…

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  2. That’s a very unfortunate data. Indeed committing suicide takes a lot of courage. The mental or physical stress surpasses the threshold capacity of human body to take. But it can be lessen down by proper counselling. People should take care and be aware of the mental health. Proper counselling surely or talking out with anyone will surely help and reduce the chances of committing suicide.

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  3. Interesting perspective. I agree that suicide takes courage and I wouldn’t deem it as right or wrong, it’s all dependent on the individual’s perspective in the moment and out of anyone’s control. We can only do our best to contribute love and hope to reduce the traumas that exist.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yes it is difficult to establish the relation between the state of the person who commits suicide. Individual perspective at the time of taking such decision is difficult to find and control as you pointed out…
      Thank you much for your views. Really appreciate you taking time to read and sharing your thoughts… 🤗🙏


  4. Thought provoking article. What goes through the mind of a person who commits suicide? Nobody would know. Sometimes, it’s a momentarily setback or sometimes it may be a result of accumulation of insults. Sometimes, all they might need is a second thought. A ray of hope.
    My second novel SAMSARA- Reflections of a life… is related to this topic and its a pleasant coincidence that I come across this article just when the book is launched on amazon.

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    1. Yes it’s difficult to predict or to know what exactly is going in the mind of the person who commits suicide…. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable views and welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting 🤗 w

      Wish you all the very best for your newly published novel… Blessings 🙏❣️🎉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is indeed that people are tired of the bad governance and the society. As it is said, we became everything but not humans…
      Thank you so much for taking your time to read and share your views… Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting 🤗 🙏🤗


    1. Thank you so much for going through this post of mine and finding it worth… Hope that day should come when people should not end up their lives… Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting 🤗🙏🤗

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  5. Yeah it takes courage to commit suicide but it takes more courage to face all the bloody obstacles and show that you still can live beautifully! I would appreciate that.
    But there are some people here in India who commit suicide helplessness having no other option. I don’t know how to comment on that.. but still everyone has problems. If only they learn how to handle them with care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly… It takes immense courage to face the unwilling situations and obstacles in life but committing suicide doesn’t solve the problem. Thinking it other way round, the person who commits suicide gets rid of the problem but his family and near and dear ones continue to face the same. Life is full of problems and we can’t imagine a problem free life…

      I’m humbled to have your visit here and welcome to my world of writing… Thanks a lot for taking your time to read the article and sharing your worthy views… Keep visiting 🤗🙏


    1. Thanks a lot for your visit and sharing your thoughts on the same… 🙂

      In my opinion, it’s subjective to say whether courage is required or not but it’s a perspective or thought which I tried to figure out in this post… Committing suicide is a decision at the end and which also depends on state of mind of the one who commits the same… the point which I tried to raise is to think the other way round… Life gives many atrocities and one has to face those with some sort of courage….

      Once again, thanks a lot for sharing this perspective which is worthy indeed… 🙂


    1. It can be a reverse nightmare… As there is no proper way to bifurcate the exact reasons (only known to those who commits suicide), this can be a cause…

      Thanks a lot for taking you time to read and sharing your valuable views… Humbled… 🙂


      1. I should not be saying this. But often we talk about people battling cancer and dying, we don’t say the same about person who battles depression.
        “Did you really want to die?”
        “No one commits suicide because they want to die.”
        “Then why do they do it?”
        “Because they want to stop the pain.”
        Do connect if you want to talk about this.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. True, people die due to cancer and other diseases… Also, as you mentioned, no one wants to commit suicide but then also suicide happens… Agree, depression and other various events gives a lot of pain but in order to stop the pain, suicide can’t be a solution at the same time. The one who commits suicide gets rid of the pain of depression and leaves a void forever in the family which again is a pain which their near and dear ones suffer…

          Good to have a fruitful discussion on this aspect which is rarely discussed… 🙂


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