Suicide – Right or wrong?

Suicide, the word seems to be little awkward and is generally considered to be a crime. There can be many reasons to commit suicide. This article highlights one of the major problems i.e suicide which is rarely discussed.

India reported 1,33,623 suicidal deaths in the year 2015 as per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. This figure is strange as more than a lakh people committed suicide. Out of the total suicide, female suicide accounted to 42088 and male suicide were 91528 and rest 7 were transgender. Let us look at some statistics of suicides in India as illustrated in the following table which highlights the top 10 suicidal states.

Table 1: Suicidal deaths in top 10 states in the year 2015
State Suicidal Deaths
Maharashtra 16970
Tamil Nadu 15777
West Bengal 14602
Karnataka 10786
Madhya Pradesh 10293
Telangana 10140
Kerela 7692
Gujarat 7246
Chattisgarh 7118
Andhra Pradesh 6226
Source: National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

As it can be interpreted from the above table, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are leading in suicidal deaths. The above table also states that the problem of suicide is present throughout India from north to south, west to east which is an alarming situation. Let us look at the top 10 major cities in India having a wide number of suicidal deaths which is illustrated in the following table.

Table 2: 10 major cities with suicidal deaths in the year 2015
City Suicidal deaths
Chennai 2274
Bengaluru 1855
Delhi 1553
Mumbai 1122
Pune 873
Ahmedabad 869
Hyderabad 728
Surat 663
Indore 528
Nagpur 483
Source: National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

From the above table, Chennai is the leading city with highest number of suicidal deaths and can be said as the suicidal capital of India. The five major cities of India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad are in the list of top 10 cities having suicidal deaths.

There can be many reasons for suicide. Some of the reasons can be work pressure, extra marital affairs, love failure, household atrocities, depression, stress, no hope for survival, examination pressure of failure, hunger, lack of basic amenities to live, poverty etc. However, the exact reason behind people committing suicide is difficult to find. Some people say that it is the state of mind which allows people to take such step. Yes, it is the mind who decides what to do and what not to do and it is ultimately the decision of people who go to end their life. This is startling but is the harsh reality.

Life is precious and should be lived and enjoyed while facing the bad moments. Nothing lasts forever, whether it is good or bad. Approach should be to fight and not to quit and end up one’s life. One needs to be strong enough to tackle the situation. It’s amazing to know that there are cases where people come to end up their life if failed in some activities which they have desired most. But is committing suicide is right? Life doesn’t end if you fail.

Please share your views on suicide. Those who commit suicide, is it right or wrong? What according to you is the reason behind committing suicide and what steps can be taken in order to curb suicidal deaths? Please share your thoughts.

– Ashish Kumar

52 thoughts on “Suicide – Right or wrong?

  1. This is a good aggregation of the situation prevalent in India but I don’t quite agree with your line ‘Approach should be to fight and not to quit and end up one’s life. One needs to be strong enough to tackle the situation.’ It’s because often at that moment the problem’s in those attempting suicide become so wholly engrossing and overwhelming that there seems no way out if it. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t realise the burden that they carry till its already too late.

    Not everyone can be strong when faced by adversity, and certainly no one can bear adversities all the time. Like the farmers committing suicide in Marathwada in Maharashtra, they’ve faced so many losses and have been left with no alternatives that they feel compelled to kill themselves off rather than starving to death. It’s as much as society’s fault as it is the failure of one person who’s jumping from a building why this problem is growing.

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    1. Your point is right. Farmers committing suicide is a serious concern in our country and it cannot be ignored. I am writing a separate article regarding the suicide of farmers and their concerns and reasons for the same. When I saw the stats i was shocked to know the prevailing condition of suicidal deaths to be more than a lakh. Also when you look at the major cities having suicidal deaths more than 1000 per year it is startling.
      Every people have different problems and different situations and people do face adversities. When I say the approach it means that giving away one’s own life is not the solution in my opinion. There are many suicide happening in our country due to social and political causes and it is the responsibility of all the citizens as a whole not to allow this to happen. One more thing which is coming in my mind is if committing suicide is the solution of adversity? The person who commits suicide, what is left for their family members? Suppose there are three persons in a family (father, mother and a children) and due to any atrocity or adversity both the parents commits suicide, what will happen to the exisiting only child? Sometimes its also the person state of mind or depression/frustration etc which makes people to take such steps. What should be the solution for such suicidal deaths.
      Thank you so much Pradita for sharing your valuable thoughts as its always a pleasure to hear your views. Thanks a lot for reading. 🙂

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      1. You’re right in saying that what they leave behind in the wake of their suicide is agony and mor troubles for their families. but consider this, most of them are too trapped in the problems of their lives to give any thought to another’s. I know its very selfish of them and that is probably why the law makes an attempt to suicide a crime. As for the startling numbers, you are right, they are staggering. And with each passing year we have a new reaosn to commit suicide – blue whale, momo, failure in exams… the list is endless and the fault is our own.

        It’s always a pleasure discussing meatier issues with you, Ashish. Keep writing!

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        1. Yes, the list is endless. Would you believe it, people commit suicide due to blue whale/momo etc… What to do for such kind of people? It’s really sad and people should be awake both physically and mentally before taking such steps…
          It’s very nice to have a thought provoking discussion with you… Keep visiting and sharing your thoughts… 🙂

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  2. I would say that suicide is wrong only in that it says that one is saying God is not in control and cannot help you in your situation. It is taking things into your own hands, rather than allowing God to guide you. To commit suicide is to give up on God, along with giving up on others. Nothing is too difficult for God to handle or get one out of.

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    1. You have given one more dimension to suicide. Yes, God can handle everything and when people commit suicide, they may not have faith in God.

      Sorry for my late reply and a warm welcome to my blog Tom. Keep visiting and motivating me with your valuable views. 🙂

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  3. The people who commit suicide due to some failure is like just shutting their eyes or an escapism. But the relaity is that the suffering doesnt end by choking the breath as life- death-life ongoing journey. Also it is believed that the soul of the man who commits suicide faces enormous guilt, unbearable pain on leaving the body.

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    1. Yes, suicide is a kind of escapism but why people commits this is still a question. There can be n number of reasons but committing suicide cannot be justified…

      Thank you so much for sharing your views and welcome to my blog. Good to connect with you here at wordpress. Keep visiting… 🙂

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  4. I think the only way we can reduce suicidal tendencies is by reaching out and talking about our issues. Suicides are mostly due to acute or chronic depression, and so awareness of mental disorders should be increased.

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    1. Yes I do agree communication gap increases the depression level as keeping things inside your heart creates negative thoughts and hence negative vibes starts accumulating. Well it’s the people who have to communicate with whom they have trust and share their problems which may reduce this problem.

      I would like to welcome you at my blog. Good to have you here. Keep visiting. 👍👍😊

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                1. Hahaha. Happens. See I have posted one more comment in one of your posts. Since you have unspammed my comment now it won’t land to your spam folder, it will be reflecting at your post.
                  Keep writing as you write really well. 👍👍

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    1. Mental disturbance leads to taking such an extreme step of suicide. Dealing with it is a matter of concern which needs to be tackled in order to reduce suicidal deaths.
      I appreciate your visit and sharing your thoughts. Thanks a lot. Keep visiting. 😄👍👍

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  5. In my opinion suicide is wrong and a symbol of “giving up ” .. whatever the times may be .. one should be strong enough to face the situation .. definitely giving up on life is not a solution to a problem ..

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  6. In my opinion Suicide is wrong. To me.. it is the easiest way out to our problems. Probably the one who contemplated on suicide or actually committed suicide felt like their problems were too great to handle BUTTT name one person in this world who has no problems. I don’t think such person exist. We all have problems. We all suffer. And there are other ways to solve our problems. Although some problems have no solution, we just have to come into terms with it and deal with it.

    I do hope that those people who are contemplating to commit suicide will find reason and comfort. I hope they find strength to push and continue on living.

    LIFE is a blessing. It shouldn’t be taken for granted. 🙂

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    1. Yes you are correct. Committing suicide is not the solution to the problems rather it creates further mess with their family members when someone commits suicide. Every one is having problem and life without problem is an illusion… Problems are and will be the part of life and scaping from the problems and taking such harsh step like is not the solution and neither can be justified… But it’s sad to see the number of suicides in India which is alarming and needs to be stopped…

      Thank you so much for your visit and reading my article. Glad you read and shared your views on the same … Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting… 🙏🙏👍😊

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                I’m relatively new at WordPress so I’m not familiar with other features. I really learned a lot from you. Again thank you😊 and sorry .

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