Good Bye

The meaning of life is understood with ups and downs.
Life is itself a synonym of “ups and downs”.
Nothing is constant and so is life.
One day we have to say Good Bye.
What remains is only fond memories.
Better to make each moment itself a memory.
Ignore the taunts and comments.
Go ahead with your confidence.
Acknowledge the fault if any, and rectify.
This is how anyone should start and try.
Enjoy and cherish your presence.
Live and believe in the present.
As …
Nothing is constant and so is life.
One day we have to say Good Bye.

- Ashish Kumar


Emotional overflow and reluctant mind.
Trashed the real due to floating mind.
Sometimes, lack of reality leads to unreal experience.
Full of joy and flying in the sky without sense.
Sense coming to normal, realize the mistake.
Better to rectify rather to commit another mistake.
Hold for a moment, look and introspect.
Absorb the moment while you ruminate.
Ruminate to understand the important lesson.
Keep your feet on the land while you fly.
Keep your mind open and not on the sky.
Ruminate to learn and explore the life.
Keep the balance to have a happy survive.
Keep the balance to have a happy survive.
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Ashish Kumar

Magic moments

Magic moments, followed by happiness.
Peace flowed with intention of satisfaction.
Life goes on with turmoil and magic moments.
Rolling on the grounds of life what made us real.
To recognize the flaws and stay away from the “unreal”.
What can be achieved with fair intention is infinite.
Catch the magic moments and life becomes full of joy.
Change the attitude and explore the beauty in and out.
Learn, explore and enjoy life without cry.

Tears are natural so is the rain.
Wipe your tears to remove the pain.
Feel the moments surrounding you.
Ignore the one which hurts you.
All moments are necessary to become mature.
Life is about to learn and solve the load.
Magic moments appear many times in a day.
Explore, feel it, and make your day.
Explore, feel it, and make your day. 

- Ashish Kumar

Book Review – Eclectic Verses – Radhika Puttige

Life is a mix of many things, particularly thoughts and emotions which we feel in our day to day life. Good, bad, happy, sad, peace, nervous, jealous etc. we all have encountered with these feelings in life. In fact, life is broad and diverge in terms of our journey and our feelings. These broadness and divergence are beautifully captured poetically in a book titled “Eclectic Verses”, written by Radhika Puttige. The book gives a beautiful poetic presentation of various thoughts of life which is a mix of various emotions.

About the Author

Radhika Puttige had spent a decade as a teacher and now utilizing her time in creative work including writing. Eclectic Verses is her debut book as an author. She has presented the aspects of life in the form of haiku and poems in her debut book.

It is of paramount importance to mention that the author is a well-known blogger. Yes, she is the blogger at  She is a brilliant writer and the master of writing haikus and poems. Many congratulations for publishing her collections of haikus and poems. 😊  Do visit her blog for amazing writings.

About the Book

Eclectic Verses is a collection of haikus and poems, 125 in total. The author had segregated various aspects of life in this book like emotions, present world, silence etc. Various emotional ripples which one experiences in life are presented in well crafted haikus and poems. So is the case with others. She had touched all the genre in this book. Anger, betrayal, motivational, nature loving, resilience, success, failure, karma, solitude etc. are presented beautifully in the form of haikus and poems.

My body breathes
But my soul is buried deep.

The book is full of such powerful excerpts which makes it an interesting and pleasant read. The author had brilliantly raised the present-day problem of addiction to social media in one of the poems titled “Disconnect”. An extract from that poem need a worth mention.

Thousands of friends on social media
Yet, not a single real one
Toxic social media eroded deep into lives
Today, humanity is tangled by wires of technology
Connected virtually, but disconnected in person.

The above excerpt is self-explanatory and such kind of verses in the book makes it a wonderful read. The best part of the book is the haikus and poems can be easily related to the readers. This is one of the most important reason to give it a read.

In one of the haikus, the author had described brilliantly the irony of life.

Irony of life
Battle of past and future
Present forgotten

Read the book for such beautiful verses and enjoy. Being a poetess, the author had dedicated a poem on poetry. She writes various phases of writing a poem, from thought generation to crafting words, editing and finalizing it. One should read the book to get a glimpse of such kind of literary pieces.

Eclectic Verses

The author had smartly raised few of the social issues including women empowerment and terrorism in poetic manner. She had also touched the issue of true and fake people or better to say, people masking their face to appear true. There are many haikus and poems describing natures beauty and the pleasant feeling of experiencing the same.

The author had also provided the sense of spirituality in her debut book. Prayer, meditation, nirvana, karma etc. she presents all such aspects in lucid manner. A haiku on solitude is a worth mention.

Solitary self
Under the blue parasol
Feels blissful moments

In a nutshell, Radhika Puttige had given a very ‘”good read” book on poems and haikus which should be considered to have a read, for all poems and haikus lover. Easily related poem, touching various emotions, natural beauty, spirituality, present world, and the problems etc. all are provided poetically. A very good book to read with various genre in one go.

-Ashish Kumar


Weird and annoyed of this torture.

Fading away the present and future.

Useless and false sympathy everytime.

Real faces appeared fake in trying time.

Surrounded by dark intentions every side.

They are always ready to attack.

Standing in the centre of the battle playground.

I am building the ground.

Cutting the thorns of life.

I am sowing the seeds of life.

Life without purpose is meaningless.

People play with emotions seamless.

Truth buried and falsification surpassed.

Faces are counterfeit while truth lies in their inside.

One truth lies inside us too.

Identifying that is what we must do.

Inner strength is the power to tackle all worries.

When worries also worry to come and let us worry.

This fear is good.

Achieved by inner strength and soul try.

Worry should worry to let us worry.

Worry should worry to let us worry.

Ashish Kumar