Unnecessary Criticism…

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One of the aspects of behavior is to criticize. Criticizing is easy and it is a tool of self defense and is widely used to protect and pass the buck. Some people have the tendency to criticize unnecessary every time for everything or better to say it becomes a habit. Some use their position and power to criticize and arouse a proud feeling among them. But the thing is why to criticize unnecessary when it’s not required? Accepted the fact when you have done something wrong and it is your mistake, you have to face criticism which is fair enough. What repercussions will have if one criticizes unnecessary as a part of one’s habit? Does this need to be avoided or promoted?

Let me share couple of examples where criticism can reach to next level.

  • My name is Ashish as you all know. One day, one of my friends asked me my name and I shared that. Later on he wrote “Ashish” in a piece of paper to confirm whether he spelled it correctly or not. I verified and asked him to spell it out correctly. He was wondering why I asked him to correct although the spelling is correct. After some time, he came and asked what mistake he made? I replied, my name is “Ashish” and not “Ashish”. All of you got confused??? Hold on… The person was snatching his head and having no clue what I am saying and he asked me to correct his mistake, if any. I said see my friend, you have put the second “s” before first “s” which is absolutely wrong.  🙂 😛 Think for a while what this mean. This is the height of criticism which one may encounter. The thing is those who have habit of criticizing can’t see things correct. They will and will find flaws and loopholes from any angle, whether relevant and irrelevant as in the above example. You may find such kind of jokes on social media but I consider this sarcasm for those who always find flaws in everything.
  • A person went to office on time and got engaged in his work as usual. After some time, his boss came and asked the status of one of the emails which he was supposed to send to his boss. The person responded stating that he had sent that email yesterday evening before leaving for his home and he texted him on WhatsApp to inform the same. The boss was looking at him and shouted suddenly, “Why didn’t you gave me a call?” The person responded politely, “I did called you sir last evening but you didn’t picked up the phone.” Hearing this, the boss aggressively said, “You mean I am irresponsible?” He said , “ I didn’t mean that sir”. Boss again shouted and said, “You could have called me and said that you are about to call me. Why you didn’t informed me through call that you were about to call me??” It was difficult to answer such question for him and he politely said, “Since you didn’t picked up my phone that’s why I informed through WhatsApp.” His boss walked away giving an angry look. The person was wondering and laughing at his boss attitude and habit of criticizing. How can a person will call and inform that he is about to call? Isn’t it bullshit? Having work experience for more than a decade and claiming himself as an omniscient person but he doesn’t possess basic etiquettes. After some time, the boss was seen again coming to his desk and that person went to washroom. When he returned, his boss asked, “You are not present at your desk anytime. Roaming here and there…” Now it was above his tolerating capacity and he responded to his boss aggressively, “You came to my desk in the morning and criticized me for filthy reasons. You were talking to me or to my ghost? You gave all the useless statements which is not expected from a person who always claims to be the most influential and omniscient person in this world. Even though if you consider yourself to be intellectual or omniscient, it’s a big joke.  You, being the boss is a disaster or better to say, an intellectual disaster. Yes you are an intellectual disaster “. The boss got insulted in front of all subordinates due to his unnecessary criticism which became intolerable to his subordinate.

The above two examples are just illustrations. The first one describes how critic one can be. The second one describes the repercussions of the unnecessary criticism which needs to be avoided. Every person has some tolerating capacity and if it goes beyond that, belligerent situation may arise which is difficult to control.  Criticize only if required and it should be in positive way or better to say, constructive criticism. When you criticize, the objective should be to rectify the flaws, if any and not just only because you do for your enjoyment or show-casing your power/position.  Nobody is perfect and if you criticize in order to solve the flaws, the counterparty may take that in positive way and most probably he/she will be willing to improve the mistakes made.

So what do you think on criticism? Please share your views and experience if any. 🙂

– Ashish Kumar

89 thoughts on “Unnecessary Criticism…

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  2. People nowadays criticize everything and anyone especially that they have access and medium to do so through the social media which is being misused
    I believe random criticism is hypocrisy and double standards, what do we know about the other people and what’s best for them so we can criticize them…do we know what they’re going through? We just criticize
    I believe criticism should be only made by professionals, in all fields, they have enough information and education to practice this in a very constructive way…
    Especially that we criticize but we don’t accept any kind of criticism…double standards also
    Thank you for sharing 👍 it’s well put and written

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    1. Exactly! People use different mediums for criticizing like social media as you mentioned and the funniest part is they criticize without knowing the facts. Just because they have to criticize, they criticize which is not correct… Many people criticize for everything which becomes their habit ultimately. Unnecessarily criticizing without knowing the person and his work and the flaws if any is not a good way.
      Also there are times when they criticize others work but they do the same thing which is indeed double standard which must be avoided… When someone has the authentic information and knowledge about the subjects as in the case of professionals, criticism can be done and that too in constructive way. People criticize others but they don’t accept critism which is again double standards…

      Thank you so much for giving your time to read and sharing such insights on criticism which is worth indeed… Also thanks a lot for liking my post… Pleased to hear the same from you… 🙏🤗😊

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      1. Hello Ashish, thank you for your reply and it’s my pleasure interacting to such an important topic 👍 so thank you for sharing and hope people will learn to focus more on how they should improve their life and their flaws instead of criticizing others
        Have a good day 😊

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        1. It’s my pleasure to have a thoughtful discussion with you on this topic. Thanks a lot for your time to read and share your insights… 🤗

          And I have commented on one of your blog posts but seems it went to your Spam. Kindly check it once… 🤔

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  3. I agree, some people make it an effort to search for mistakes in other people’s work, action, and beings. I think the problem is that they basically look for the negative in life anyway. A positive person would not criticize but encourage!

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    1. Yes people find flaws in other and they try to demotivate instead of encouraging for the good… Negative thinkers have habit of criticizing in everything…
      Thanks a lot mam for giving your time to read this post and sharing your valuable views… 🙏🤗

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        1. It’s good to get connected with new bloggers like you… Welcome to the world of blogging and I hope you will enjoy and will have a good time… 🙏🤗. Keep reading and keep writing👍
          As I have stopped responding to the award post because there were so many nominations I was receiving and it was little bit difficult for me to do justice for all the nominations… My last award post was in July 2017 and after that I kept my blog away from awards… Please don’t feel bad as due to time constraints and so many pending responses I have to take such decision…
          I would again like to thank you for considering me for this… Keep writing and keep blogging… Best wishes… 🤗🙏😊


  4. Constructive criticism is not that bad – provided it is brought well and not made too personal. And self-criticism is necessary, too, sometimes. To grow. It’s difficult, being honest to yourself (both in positive and negative ways) but if you can’t look back and see your growing points, then you can’t evolve personally.

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    1. Exactly, constructive criticism should be welcomed as no one is perfect. Every one has some flaws which needs to be rectified through criticism in constructive manner… In this post I am trying to focus on unnecessary criticism being done by people which may not be required. Pin pointing on others in everything is not a good gesture. Criticism should be done wherever it is required and worth. Many people have the habit of criticizing in every aspect and ultimately it becomes their habit. Self criticism can be achieved through introspection where one can identify his flaws and take corrective actions to eliminate the same… Criticizing unnecessarily as I have mentioned in my examples should be avoided…

      I really appreciate your time and visit to my blog and sharing your valuable views on it which is worth indeed… Welcome to my world of writing.. Keep visiting.. 🙏🤗👍

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    1. Thank you so much for your linking that example… 😂 Yes unnecessary criticism should be avoided and if required critism should be done in constructive manner… Thanks a lot for reading and liking the post… Means a lot… 👍🤗🙏


  5. Ashish (am I spelling that right?), what a timely, well thought-out post! Excellent work, I’d say.

    I happen to have one or two rather radical opinions about criticism that few people (I would guess) have ever heard of before. But I won’t mention those here — it would take too long of a post to explain them well enough they might be understood.

    I do have a story for you, though. Used to own a tiny sales agency employing 13 full time people and a few part time helpers.

    I avoided negative criticism unless absolutely necessary. “Kelly, please don’t set your desk on fire quite so often. If you’re cold, just come get me. I’ll turn up the furnace.”

    Instead of focusing on correcting errors, I focused on building up people’s strengths. “Lisa, you exude enthusiasm. So much so, you get everyone around you excited. Let me show you how you can use the fact you get other people excited about things to sell products more often and faster.”

    Did it work?

    Consider this: By every industry standard that I could find in the library (this was before google) my tiny little sales agency was outstanding. On some projects our productivity was over 200% of the industry norm.

    Consider this: My employee turn over rate was well below the industry norm.

    Outstanding productivity and low turn over costs. I blame a lot of it on my focusing on building up strengths rather than on correcting weakness.

    Again, a very good post, Ashish! Thank you so much for sharing it!

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    1. Hahaha! Yes you spelled my name correctly 😂😉…

      I’m really glad to hear your experience on criticism and how you managed to get the job done by your employees which gave you more than 200% productivity on some projects… That’s commendable… Also the way you focussed on building employees strength rather than criticism should be the spirit which in turn helps in relating to the employees and they then may go beyond your expectations… It’s very nice to know that attrition in your agency was well below the industry norms which deserves appreciation… Retaining good and trusted employee is necessary…

      Also I would like to read that radical opinion on criticism as you mentioned and hence request you to write a separate blog post on that which will be helpful for many… Will be eagerly waiting for that post from your end… 👍🤗

      I’m really glad and honored to know that my post was Worth to read and the best part is that you were able to relate and share your insights which I really appreciate… Thank you so much for your time and reading the post and liking it… Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting…v🙏👍🤗


  6. Agreed. Criticism can only benefit someone if it is in the form of positive criticism. People will stop taking a person seriously who is criticising something or the other at one point or another. People like being around positive people who see the scope of improvement and not weaknesses. Hope we all understand that, because in the end, we don’t want to be a person whom no one likes or wants to talk to.

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    1. You have given a good insights and repercussions of unnecessary criticism. If someone critizes everytime for everything, people won’t take him seriously as you figured out. One should point out the flaws if any in constructive manner which will give positive and fruitful result. Criticism should never be made a habit… You have shared very nice thought on it which is meaningful and I really appreciate your time to read the post and share your views on it… 🙏🙏
      Thank you so much and welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting… 🤗😊🙏

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    1. Exactly criticism is a kind of poison which must be avoided… Many people have made criticism as a habit and they unnecessarily critize which is useless… In order to know yourself better one should go for introspection I think which is the best way to know yourself…

      Thank you so much for your visit and reading the post and giving your valuable insights… Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting… 🤗🙏

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  7. I have met a lot of friends and neighbor who love to criticize you no matter what. The good thing is they made me immune to it. Show indifference and they will keep quiet. But in childhood, it hurts.

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    1. Yes many people have the tendency to criticize in everything which is irrelevant. It’s great that you have developed immunity against such people and yeah ignoring those people should be the approach…
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your insights which is worth… Thanks a lot 🤗🙏🤗


  8. Having been in the army critizism was a day to day basis, civiians will call it harrasment we called it bonding as a unit ( In general). So I have a pretty thick skin thanks to that part of my life.

    I was smiling while reading these two examples you gave, over the top they were. But I certainly know this, that if you are the boss there are times to critizise your employees if they didn´t do what you asked them to and critic harshly, and other times you need to pat them on the back if they are doing good overall. Balance.

    The first example if someone would actually have the balls to say that to me, to spell his name…..you wouldn´t like to hear the answer I would give them. Now I´m way tamed, before I woud just grab that person by the neck.

    Constructive criticism is helpful in certain type of Jobs and also at certain type of time and lets not forget at certain type of people.

    I enjoyed the read very much.

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    1. First of all, thank you so much for giving your time to go through the post and sharing your experience as well… I really appreciate your valuable views which is worth indeed…
      Yes, in the organizations, criticism and appreciation should go side by side or better to say, a proper balance as you pointed. If the subordinate does the good job, he must be given pat on his back. If the work is not done, the boss will criticize for sure… What I have pointed here in this post is criticism should be done if required but not unnecessarily. Many people have the habit to criticize for everything which must be avoided. Constructive criticism should be welcomed in my opinion but unnecessary criticism should not be promoted and practiced.

      I am glad that you liked the two examples which I shared which are indeed a next level of criticism. The whole idea was to share the glimpse of criticizing behavior which many posses. Very happy to hear from you that you enjoyed the post…

      Welcome to my world of writing… Good to connect with you here on WordPress… Really humbled and pleased to know an army man… Keep visiting and motivating me with your valuable views… 🙂 🙂 🙂


      1. Army man…. yes, but you did realize that the first part of the name of the blog is …… CRAZY! Which doesn´t add up to my real life experience and thoughts.

        You said in the comment two very valuable thrughtfull sentences that grabbed my I attention.

        ¨If required but not unnecessarily¨

        You said about the topic and I believe that is the good aproach to having people work for you. It creates a good environment, even though at the short run those people may not see it but see it later. And if not you get rid of them.
        Really is ( sort off…. long one off) like raising a kid, you reward him when they do the right thing and you spank him when he does not. I´m old school, that was how I was raised and even withe my downs in life I picked myself up and now I have a computer and even write. Thanks to the spanking my mother gave me as a kid.
        If you put the work in and don´t stumble around looking at wild flowers there is a good chance to have a good productive life.

        ¨ Unecessarly criticism not be promoted¨

        Completely agree, it does not work out for you or the other person. It´s counter productive.

        The point I´m trying to make is that critizim is productive if a person says and does in a way that the others around that person will feel hope, Something to work at to achieve, that will drive them to complete the goals you send them to do, and with a smily face.

        It was a great read your post. As you might imagine after writing my crazy things it is good for me to re-organize my brain, just make it think a bit.

        It was my pleasure to read your post and thank you for your comment.

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        1. Thank you so much for such insights and sharing your journey as well. I really appreciate your valuable time to go through my comment and put your thoughts on what grabbed your attention… And yeah, of course your blog title “CRAZY” means it will have interesting and insightful posts which I will be exploring soon… Thank you so much again… Keep visiting… 🙂 🙂


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