Vicious cycle…

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Moments of few praise and frequent sorrow.
Life sometimes seems to be hollow.
In the cycle of sunset and sunrise.
Life is offering more setbacks than rise.
Storm of darkness laid here and there.
Finding ray of light nowhere.
Falling into the pit several times.
Struggling to get the perfect time.
Unable to find the existence in life.
Seems I am entering into a trap.

The doors of happiness been locked so far.
Relief from sorrow appears too far.
A question comes in my mind.
If I have entered the vicious cycle of pain?
As the sorrow comes like rain.
Often make me think, is it my folio?
Or life is a loss-making portfolio?
The question still comes.
If I have entered the vicious cycle of pain?
As the sorrow comes like rain.
Sorrow comes like rain.

– Ashish Kumar

43 thoughts on “Vicious cycle…

    1. Yes, that’s true… nothing lasts forever and you have presented a beautiful way of looking into it. The rain pours it and this is what life is all about: pleasure and pain…

      Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your beautiful views… 🙂

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  1. Lokesh Sastya

    You are very good at panning your thoughts on the paper. The rhyming has a meaning. You speak from your heart. Beautiful lines👌

    I have read a quote on my friend’s WhatsApp status which may give you direction:

    Don’t wait for the perfect moment.
    Take a moment and make it perfect.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing the valuable view. Yes, we need to accept life what it offers… Thanks a lot for appreciating the poem and apologies for my late response which I missed inadvertently… 🙃🙃


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