Losing the viability…

Germs of wrong deeds accumulate over time.
Necessary to introspect and rectify the same on time.
Distinction between “Mistakes” and “Crime” should be understood.
Benchmark must be established to maintain the livelihood.
Deeds are important part of life as it determines destiny.
What is right or wrong should be understood primarily.
Mistakes can be forgiven and but not the crimes.
Do the mistakes to learn and stay away from crimes.
Learn from the natural resources about their contribution.
They never praise themselves for their immense contribution.
Human beings are present everywhere in this world.
Getting difficult to find “humanity” in this crowded and cruel world.
People forget their acts which are sinful in nature.
At the end, destroying the beauty of nature.
People are running in an unknown race.
What they will achieve with such a pace?
Love and gratitude are losing its place.
Unnecessary aggression and criticism are taking its place.
Pretending and self- praising are gaining popularity.
Introspection and self-realization are losing their viability.
Losing their viability….

– Ashish Kumar

42 thoughts on “Losing the viability…

    1. Thank you so much Manoj for taking your time to read and sharing your views… You are right, people have lost patience and are always in hurry… Thanks a lot… Glad you appreciated it… 🙂


  1. Well said, people are to egocentric and loud. Full of themselves. People are prepared to dismiss the evil actions of others and accept them into the fold without question. This is how evil gets away with what they do and innocents become harmed and nobody cares.

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    1. Yes, that’s the harsh reality and should be changed. People don’t give any value and importance to others thoughts as well and tend to always impose their own beliefs… Thank you so much for reading and providing your valuable insights to this poem… I really appreciate you taking time to go through this work of mine… Also special thanks for sharing my post at your blog… Means a lot… 🙂 🙂

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  3. Beautifully encapsulated and such profound thoughts. Indeed these are the changing time and we are a confused lot and trapped in the maze of mesh we have created for ourselves. Nature is being abused quite rampantly and it is tolerating our treacherous act but it has a limit and we are forcing and crossing the limit, and there are ominous signs of disaster waiting to strike. Mistakes are a part of learning but crimes has no space but it is brazenly nudging and displacing all good people holding their rightful places.

    Wishing you Ashish a wonderful 2020 Happy New Year!!!
    Signing Off 2019 from wondering “Makeup & Breakup.”

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    1. Thanks a lot Nihar for reading and giving your precious comment which is commendable indeed. I am glad that you found it worth and relatable to the current scenario… Your views have always provided me a tonic to write better. Thanks a tonne for the compliment…

      I wish you a very happy new year 2020. Sorry for the late wish… I wish this year bring enormous happiness, love and success in your life and career… Blessings from one of your well wisher… 🙂 Keep visiting… 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Shruti for reading and finding my poems worth… Glad to hear the same…

      I haven’t learned writing as such but was always inclined to read the poems during school days as a part of the subject in English and Hindi and thought of trying to write myself. I wrote my first poem in class IX and second one in class X, both in Hindi but was unable to preserve those which made me angry and stopped writing for almost two and a half years. But writing never went out of my heart and started to write again from my first year of engineering and created my blog in 2011 and since then I always try to share whenever I have something to offer. I am glad that since starting writing, I have received good, supportive and motivational readers across the globe and have learned a lot… 🙂

      So this was a brief (although my comment has become lengthy 😛 ) intro about my writing journey…. Thank you so much Shruti for asking this question and showing your interest in my writing… 🙂 🙂


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