Oh my dear…

Roses are red.
The sky is blue.
Oh my dear…
I think, I love you.

Mind is fresh.
The day I saw you.
Oh my dear…
I think, I do love you.

You make me feel joy.
We both enjoy.
You became my life.
I became your life.
This reason is enough.
For both of us to survive.
How this happened?
I have no clue.
Oh my dear…
I love you.

The day you entered in my life.
Life became more than a life.
You wanted to become my wife.
I realized, it was a lie.
When you stared at me.
Scolded brutally and badly.
I understood, everything was illusion.
Made me to go in depression.
Both were happy as the time passed.
I now realize, you were doing time pass.
Playing is good but not with heart.
At the end, it surely hurts.
Heart broke and soul collapsed.
You are not the right one, I did realized.
Collected the broken pieces of heart.
As it stuck like glue.
Oh my dear…
I hate you.
I do hate you…

– Ashish Kumar


Why do people react so often ???

There are time when we come across situations where the conversation among the two persons becomes aggressive suddenly and we are left in shocking condition. We wonder what went wrong suddenly? The reason for such reactions can be many from suppressing the anger to intentionally reacting to get rid of the conversation, and at the same time, avoid interacting with such person in future as well. Also sometimes the problem which can be resolved properly becomes complex due to such reactions. In a group also if everything is going fine and suddenly one of the group members reaction is not up to the mark, things become complicated. The problem which can be solved politely and peacefully becomes complex and sometime going in to never solving state. But what make people to react at a sudden?

There are many who pretend to be too familiar and behavioral with friends or groups and leave no stone unturned to maintain such status in front of others even though they aren’t. And from the back they continue to criticize you unnecessary which hurts when it comes in to your knowledge. Also it may happen when you need any assistance from these people because you think them to be humble enough, you may get a reverse reaction from them and it happens. I am sure many of you who are going through this post have experienced this in your life.  So, what can be said about those? Are such reactions optimal and feasible enough to continue?

Life is good when we are good to others. Behavior is one of the most important aspects in life which can make or break relations, which can be of any kind. Does such kind of unnecessary behavior required? We are human beings and we commit mistakes and that’s how we learn as learning is a continuous process. But what about those who commit mistakes and never acknowledge and continue to indulge in blame game? Newton’s 3rd law of motion says “every action is having an equal and opposite reaction”. In case if someone gives such reaction, shall we also start giving such response to those? Is tit for tat is the solution?

But one question which still remain unanswered is Why do people react so often even though if it is not required??? What is your view on this… Please share in the form of your comment… 🙂

– Ashish Kumar


Walking in the streets of life…

Walking in the streets of life.
Never found a reason to survive.
Ups and downs came frequently.
I lost my momentum suddenly.
Hoping everything to be fine someday.
I started to live in disguise everyday.
Gone are the days when I used to smile.
At a sudden, started to give fake smile.

Heart wrenched and trust broke.
At that moment I lost all the hope.
During the midst of day and night.
I was looking for a ray of light.
Gave all my effort whenever required.
Never got what I always deserved and desired.
Leaving all these in the buried part of the heart.
That left me in the situation with hurted heart.

Life is full of ups and downs.
Without struggle one can’t get a crown.
I have fallen and fought the situation.
Now its time to create a new option.
A journey to reach a new destination.
With more confidence and positive determination.
Although the chances are few.
Walking in the streets of life.
Never found a reason to survive.

Ashish Kumar

Hi to Good Bye…

You came suddenly in my life.
Giving me a reason to survive.
I always enjoyed your presence.
Neither of us gave a sign of negligence.
I always scared to express my feelings.
Losing you will have no meaning.
You are the strength for mine.
Either in day or night.
You are mine.

Your expression always offers a proposal.
Not aware whether is this my proposal?
I have accepted you from bottom of my heart.
Praying always I should not get hurt.
Your lips always murmurs to say.
Let it come out, please convey.
You are the strength of mine.
Either in day or night.
You are mine.

One day I said “Hi.”
You ran away blinking your eyes.
Murmuring something you came back.
Suddenly said me ,“Good Bye.”
I was shocked and surprised.
As there was no reason to rise.
Neither me nor you thought to express.
That landed both becoming depressed.
Your eyes were watery which I never desired.
For you I always cried.
I never came to know what was my deed.
From inside and outside.
I did bleed.
Thought of having an infinite journey.
Again I landed in a tragedy.
Time changed.
You were the strength of mine.
But now you are not mine.
“Hi” turning into “Good Bye.”
Heart cried and tears fell.
Without you.
How can I be well?


– Ashish Kumar


I walked.
In an unknowing path.
No body was there.
But I was there.

From dawn to dusk.
The road was a lust.
Thorns spread here and there.
But I was there.

When left in dark.
My shadow went from my park.
Burning a candle on the way.
I created my way.
Keeping the dark away from here.
I was there.


Sometimes heart got hurt.
Tried to make a new hut.
That also vanished in storm.
Making the way of one more thorn.
Happily accepted the challenge.
As I knew I can manage.
Not having a sleep.
But from inside, I did bleed.
Inconvenience spread everywhere.
But I was there.

The cycle continues always.
What will happen no body knows.
That is not in our hands.
To beat the unwanted, resists in our hands.
Nothing persist always.
Everything has its ways.
Good and bad moments will come.
The challenge lies in how to overcome.
In the past.
I was there.
And today also…
I am here…


  – Ashish Kumar


There is always a crowd.

But there is still a void.

The whole world is big in size.

But there is no place to properly reside.


 The feeling of loneliness taunts        him.

With a hope of having a joy.

Walking in an unknown path.

Waiting for proper time to fly.


He wanted to love.

He wanted to be loved.

Having a soft heart.

He used to get hurt.


He waits till today.

Hope keeps him alive.

She will come back.

That is his ultimate desire.

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   The present day life is becoming hectic and busy day by day. There is hardly any people in this world who is escaped from having a problem. Its not that people were not having problems in olden days. In fact problem comes, reside and then goes. Sometimes the problem resides for many days or even an year but it has to go: it cannot just stuck to one’s life. Here i am considering problems not accidents like train accidents, road accidents, flight crash etc. Human beings have one more thing which makes them different from others and that is “feeling”, we have heart and no one wants to have his/her heart broken. But then also the heart breaks…

We have heart and we don’t want it to get hurt.

                  This is one of the article which i was trying to write for many days or in fact for an year. This is my personal thinking in which i have came to the conclusion which i am going to share here. I have tried to give a simple “funda” of being happy. Also in my opinion “problem is the second name of life”.


                   We always get hurt if our wish, demands, aims and objectives are not fulfilled irrespective of the reason. Then at that time our heart really get hurt , for a short time only but it does. Its the general saying that “ummeed pe duniya kayam hai(the world is based on expectation)”. Yes it is true. But expectation of what?

Does expectation means dependency?

Does expectation means giving away our responsibility and accountability?

Does it means not to work hard to fulfill our aims and objectives?

Does it means only to blame others for our failures?

                    The answer to all the above questions is unfortunately “yes” for most of the times. In present day most of the people are worried all the time. People always get hurt at each step. People depends on others and get hurt when they feel they are cheated. So why to depend?


  Suppose one of your friend starts neglecting you. He is not talking to you and you need him for your own cause but he is not available for you. At that time you  definately get hurt. It is possible that your work will be hampered because you are unnecessarily thinking about the incident.

Feeling of getting hurt is one of the most important cause of mental tension and problem. But we always take that tension and make our mind full of such peculiar cases. There are many example apart from which i have mentioned above in which people take tension and disturbs themselves mentally.  We must introspect and analyse the reason for the problem. If we are able to do that then we can definately be free from some of the problems which hurts us.


One of the famous saying is “expectation always hurts”. Yes if you don’t want to get hurt “don’t expect from others”. Thats the simple funda. EXPECTATION is one of the main reason of being unhappy. If you will not expect from others then you will not get hurt. If you will not get hurt then you will be mentally and psychologically free. And if you are mentally free then you will definately deliver and if you will deliver you can be rewarded too.


                        So we must focus on our work rather than wasting our time in expecting from others. We must be self dependent. A student should focus on his studies rather than expecting a miracle during the examination time. Be self dependent. Every human being has some special in him/her. So try to find that “special” in yours and proceed in the right direction then you will be the master of yourself. Never lose patience because loss of patience is the ultimate disaster.

But a farmer should expect from god that monsoon comes at right time so that he can pour the crops at the proper time which will make our stomach full. Here “expectation” from god is required. 🙂


   Hence there are two aspects of expectation, it depends on us which one to take.


    So Whats your take on expectation?…


self dependent



– Ashish Kumar