Why do people react so often ???

There are time when we come across situations where the conversation among the two persons becomes aggressive suddenly and we are left in shocking condition. We wonder what went wrong suddenly? The reason for such reactions can be many from suppressing the anger to intentionally reacting to get rid of the conversation, and at the same time, avoid interacting with such person in future as well. Also sometimes the problem which can be resolved properly becomes complex due to such reactions. In a group also if everything is going fine and suddenly one of the group members reaction is not up to the mark, things become complicated. The problem which can be solved politely and peacefully becomes complex and sometime going in to never solving state. But what make people to react at a sudden?

There are many who pretend to be too familiar and behavioral with friends or groups and leave no stone unturned to maintain such status in front of others even though they aren’t. And from the back they continue to criticize you unnecessary which hurts when it comes in to your knowledge. Also it may happen when you need any assistance from these people because you think them to be humble enough, you may get a reverse reaction from them and it happens. I am sure many of you who are going through this post have experienced this in your life.  So, what can be said about those? Are such reactions optimal and feasible enough to continue?

Life is good when we are good to others. Behavior is one of the most important aspects in life which can make or break relations, which can be of any kind. Does such kind of unnecessary behavior required? We are human beings and we commit mistakes and that’s how we learn as learning is a continuous process. But what about those who commit mistakes and never acknowledge and continue to indulge in blame game? Newton’s 3rd law of motion says “every action is having an equal and opposite reaction”. In case if someone gives such reaction, shall we also start giving such response to those? Is tit for tat is the solution?

But one question which still remain unanswered is Why do people react so often even though if it is not required??? What is your view on this… Please share in the form of your comment… 🙂

– Ashish Kumar


36 thoughts on “Why do people react so often ???

  1. kristinagallo

    People react when something hits their ego. This happens especially with narcissists who think they are always right. When such person takes everything personally, reaction is necessary. Discussion should be professional with sober mind, and objective. I know that i don’t know everything, but also i don’t like preaching and teaching. It is the matter of approach which could provoke furious reaction, too.

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    1. Yes, “I am always right and others are wrong” is not a good attitude and there are many who posses this…
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your valuable view and welcome to my blog… keep visiting… 🙂

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  2. If everyone behaves in the same way, will it solve the problem.. then there will arise a new problem of monotony or something like that… I am not trying to support that tit for tat nature.. but who wants it, let them.. and let us try not to be affected. If it’s in their blood to react in that way, what can we do…

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    1. Yeah, it’s better to leave those who is having such kind of attitude… This can be also reflected in these lines form one of the famous songs…
      ” Wo afsanan jise anjam tak lana na ho mumkin.
      Use ek khoobsurat mod de kar chorna acha.. ”

      Thanks a lot for reading and giving your views… 🙂

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  3. I had a very predictive co-worker. She was nice when face to face but is a huge scandalmonger. So, I did not tell her too much which was smart. But her behavior didn’t serve her. Now she has to leave the job and I benefit from it with an even better position!!

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  4. I think now our mentality has also changed … We want to speak up more often to situations but haven’t got the wisdom to judge where we should actually respond (and not just react). It’s easy to react nowadays… diplomacy isn’t required! Great post!

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    1. Thanks a lot Prajakta for liking the post. As you have mentioned people like to speak more often even though when it is not required and there are who just want to show case themselves… Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable views… 🙂

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  5. Very logical writing, i agree with the psychological and behavioral facts you have mentioned here.
    Personally i believe…different people has different thought process and it cant be changed, its better to avoid the negative people.

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    1. Yes, different people have different way of looking… But there are who are stubborn type and it is difficult to manage those people sometime…
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views on it… Glad you appreciated it… 🙂

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  6. Well-thought musings Ashish. Yes, people tend to react differently according to their norm and perception. By the way, Thank You for taking the time to read my reblog on Success Inspirer’s World. I do appreciate it, Lyn

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  7. Reaction is an obvious way if emoting when we are confronted. But we have to teach ourselves to respond instead. I once wrote an article about this ‘react and repent, respond and rejoice’ that talks about the distinction between the two. Do check it out if you have time. 😊

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