Walking in the streets of life…

Walking in the streets of life.
Never found a reason to survive.
Ups and downs came frequently.
I lost my momentum suddenly.
Hoping everything to be fine someday.
I started to live in disguise everyday.
Gone are the days when I used to smile.
At a sudden, started to give fake smile.

Heart wrenched and trust broke.
At that moment I lost all the hope.
During the midst of day and night.
I was looking for a ray of light.
Gave all my effort whenever required.
Never got what I always deserved and desired.
Leaving all these in the buried part of the heart.
That left me in the situation with hurted heart.

Life is full of ups and downs.
Without struggle one can’t get a crown.
I have fallen and fought the situation.
Now its time to create a new option.
A journey to reach a new destination.
With more confidence and positive determination.
Although the chances are few.
Walking in the streets of life.
Never found a reason to survive.

Ashish Kumar

Doing the karma…

Every time I see a good sign.
It ends with a negative time.
During the midst of day and night.
I never had a time with positive light.
Darkness spread all the way around.
Momentarily losing my sound.
Betrayal, trust broke.
Hope ended in a sudden stroke.
No regrets what I have done for others and what others had done.
I am just doing the karma.

Lost in the darkest side of my own shadow.
Searching for a place which is at least hollow.
Heart wrenched and soul teared.
Repetition of the same, I always feared.
Eyes became watery and face was red.
Walking alone, I was a living dead.
Swallowed everything in the deep of my heart.
Its true from inside and outside, I was hurt.
No complain for all the mess which have come.
I am just doing the karma.

Unwanted situations coming again and again.
Its time for me to convert this to gain.
Reality needs to be accepted.
Rather than to remain frustrated.
Time will change this is for sure.
For the present I need to assure.
No regrets for all the pains which have come.
I am just doing the karma.
Walking on the path of dharma.
I am just doing the karma.
Just doing the karma.


– Ashish Kumar

What if you are alone ?

Stay focused with your goal.
Listen to the voice of your soul.
Move in the direction which you want.
Sow the seeds which you want to plant.

Leave all the barking words aside.
Let only conscience be at your side.
Zoom in to see yourself thoroughly.
Walk on the path effectively.

Allow yourself to be known.
What if you are alone?
Discover the special and let it be known.
What if you are alone?
What if you are alone???


          – Ashish Kumar

Walk forever

Weather is cool and the breeze is smooth.
Moving with you is always smooth.
Although hesitation of interaction is clear.
But how can I leave you my dear.
The expression coming from your eyes.
Allow me to go to your side.
Leaving the haunted memories forever.
Holding each others hand we will walk forever.

The first day interaction is still fresh and alive.
You said something which gave me reason to joy.
You talked and talked and I just listened.
The way we met, it just happened.
Your facial expression has something to offer.
Just wondering, is it my offer?
Leaving the rest and coming together.
Holding each others hand we will walk forever.

walk together

You have suffered and I have suffered.
Its time for each of us to offer.
The dark side will never be the same.
Together, we will ignite a new flame.
The joy on each of our face is clear.
You are my dear and I am your dear.
Situation never remains the same.
Nothing lasts forever.
Good or bad.
Happy or sad.
Either the pain is light or severe.
One thing is clear…
Holding each others hand we will walk forever.
we will walk forever.

– Ashish Kumar

Delicate Smile

When you gives your delicate smile.
Even the stone breaks with a smile.
Staring look from your face.
Makes me to always look on your face.

The opening of your mouth for talk.
Makes the way for never ending talk.
Sometimes giving a devastating look.
Makes me to have a forever look.

When you make me laugh loud.
That time I really feel proud.
Holding your hands for walk and talk.
I forget the journey of long walk.

The trust binds us forever.
Not aware whether we are made for each other.
As one day we will be detached.
Death is the ultimate truth.
I will miss you…
Your void will be felt.
Only memories will be kept.
Will miss your delicate smile.
Which compels even mountains to dance and joy.
When you gives your delicate smile.
Even the stone breaks with a smile.


– Ashish Kumar


In the deep of your heart.
There is a presence of mine.
You never accepted the truth.
And continued to lie.

Even your soul knows your situation.
You always avoid to have the attention.
Giving always the fake smile.
From the mouth.
You continued to lie.

You know I know.
What else do we need to know.
Have nothing to hide.
Come, we will walk side by side.
Invited you for that walk and talk.
You said yes from soul and heart.
From the mouth.
You still continued to lie…


– Ashish Kumar

… मैं तो चलता गया |…

सब कुछ सवारते हुए |
खुद को सँभालते हुए |
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं न रहा |

राहों में मुश्किलों को झेलते |
आँखों से आंसूं पीते |
होठों पे मुस्कराहट बनाये हुए |
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं न रहा |

कभी सुख को देख के |
कभी दुःख को झेल के |
अपने आप को भूल के |
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं न रहा |

आवाज़ों के बाज़ारों में |
शोर के भवसागर में |
मेरी ख़ामोशी शांत हो गयी |
बोलूं तो बोलू क्या |
मेरी आवाज़ भी मुझसे नाराज़ हो गयी |
दुनिया की परछाई में |
खुद की परछाई भूल गया |
परन्तु …
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं न रहा |

एक राह पकड़ी ऐसी |
जिस पर इंसान ने कदम ही न रखे थे |
उस अंजानी और अजनबी राह में |
मंज़िल तलाश लिया |
औरो की क्या बात करे |
खुद को ही अपना शागिर्द बना लिया |
अकेले ही रहकर |
अकेलेपन को मार डाला |
पर …
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं “मैं” न रहा |

अँधेरा आया और गया |
पर सवेरा नहीं हुआ |
आने और जाने का चक्र चलता रहेगा |
मैं था , मैं हूँ |
राह कठिन है बहुत |
अंगारों पर चलना होगा |
मुश्किलों को मारने के लिए |
खुद से जीतना होगा |
सवेरा लाने के लिए |
खुद को सूरज की तरह जलना होगा |
डगर मुश्किल है नामुमकिन नहीं |
इसलिए …
मैं तो चलूँगा |
और चलता रहूँगा | 

walk1  – Ashish kumar