What should I write?

What should I write???
Nothing comes in my mind.
No idea and no creativity.
How can I be so lazy?
Thought of writing something real.
Ended up writing the unreal.
This happens several times.
But I really enjoy such times.

Writer’s are different from rest of the world.
They have the power to create and change the world.
Writing requires imagination and thinking.
Every literary piece is amazing.
Be it love, romance, sad or motivational.
Writer’s are a source of inspiration.
I too want to write something now.
By reading it, you can say waw.
I am willing to write.
What should I write?
Not able to think the exact plot.
Do I need to take a rest to create the new plot?
Thinking from morning to evening.
I am not able to write anything.
But I will write soon.
With a positive noon.
For the present.
What should I write???
Nothing comes in my mind.

Ashish Kumar


What if you are alone ?

Stay focused with your goal.
Listen to the voice of your soul.
Move in the direction which you want.
Sow the seeds which you want to plant.

Leave all the barking words aside.
Let only conscience be at your side.
Zoom in to see yourself thoroughly.
Walk on the path effectively.

Allow yourself to be known.
What if you are alone?
Discover the special and let it be known.
What if you are alone?
What if you are alone???


          – Ashish Kumar

Is the time right?

Indian Bloggers

Want to write,
Is the time right?
A question which often comes.
Better this should be overcome.
How can you stop a writer from writing?
Stopping from doing the right thing.

                   Hey! Dirty mind.
                   Don’t deviate the focused mind.
                   Let the mind work properly.
                   Allowing it to write frequently.
                  You be seated in corner.
                  Take rest and stick to corner.

Culprit is not the time.
But it is our own mind.
Don’t think much.
Just write and write.
You want to write.
Again the question arise.
Is the time right???


– Ashish Kumar

Dear me…

Dear me…
Where  are you?
No news, no post, no comments.
There is no interaction with readers.
A sudden absence from your own interest.
Makes a question mark on your interest.

Dear me…
Where are you?
Are you in your lost world?
Or you are in a break?
Its good to have a break.
But break doesn’t mean prolonged absence.
Its good to get the things done right.
Getting detached completely is also not right.

Dear me…
I was here, I am here.
This is my world and I will be back.
Everything is fine.
Nothing to worry.
For the absence I say sorry.
I am back now.
Back with my posts.
Have lots of tasks pending.
Reading, posting comments and writing.
Catching up with all these soon.
Dear me…
Just enjoy the sunny noon.


– Ashish Kumar

अकेलापन |

अकेलेपन का अपना ही अलग मज़ा है |
लोग क्यूँ कहते इसे एक सज़ा है |
अपने आप से बात करने का मौका मिलता है |
खुद को परखने का अवसर दिखता है |

सब से बात करके अब खुद से बात करना चाहिए.
अकेलेपन का कुछ फायदा तो उठाना चाहिए.
किया बहुत सबने चिंतन और मनन.
अब करते हैं कुछ आत्म मंथन.

अकेले रहना कोई नही चाहता |
जो चाहिए वो हमेशा नही मिलता |
जब कभी अकेले होने का एहसास होता है |
दिल सिसकता है और रोता है |
अकेलेपन मे कोई अपना नही होता है |
पर ये भी सच है…
अकेले रहकर अकेलेपन को मारने मे मज़ा बहुत आता है |
मज़ा बहुत आता है…


– Ashish Kumar