The Tree Ultimately Fell…

A building made by immense struggle and effort.
That collapsed due to a sudden storm.
Collecting the pieces of the collapsed structure.
I lost my own mind and the body structure.
The language and gesture all went in vain.
At a sudden surprise, I was left in pain.
I didn’t cry but tears fell.
The tree I planted ultimately fell.

In the narrow passage of my heart, there was a hope.
Searching for the way to convert that hope into a scope.
Loads of loads of trouble were in the queue.
Not aware whether this was a never ending queue.
The journey which I started from the bottom of my heart.
That came to an end which left my heart with loads of hurt.
I enjoyed that moment a lot.
As I have to build another plot.
The plot with more immune capacity.
That is capable of holding any tragedy.
Hoping to get all is well.
I didn’t cry but tears fell.
The tree I planted ultimately fell.
The tree I planted ultimately fell.

Ashish Kumar

Igniting the flame of serenity…

World has changed a lot.
Always seems to have a violent plot.
The notion of humanity is no more.
Day by day violence is increasing more.
People wonder what is their deed.
Inside and outside they did bleed.
Bloods are flowing like water.
Always I see is humans getting shattered.
Tears spread across the globe.
I am thinking is their any scope.
World is getting terrorized.
Is violence really required?

No human wants to be in vain.
But everyone is residing in pain.
Both mentally and physically.
All are losing hope slowly.
Darkness spread all around the world.
They are disturbing the peaceful world.
Bombings and murders are common.
I wonder whether things will be normal.
We have to come together for peace.
Rather than sending people to rest in peace.
The question still arise.
Is violence really required?

Come all.
We will join hands.
In order to curb violence.
Let’s make the inner voice louder and shouter.
The only wish we all have is peace.
We want peace.
Let’s make a better world.
With no violence.
Where all of us are in path of humanity.
Igniting the flame of serenity.
Let’s make a world.
Where everyone should be down to gravity.
Igniting the flame of serenity.
Let’s make a better world for our future generations.
Where all should have a better collaboration.
Let’s come and join hands.
For the sake and glory of humanity.
By igniting the flame of serenity.
Igniting the flame of serenity.



 – Ashish Kumar 

Note : This poem is in response to the grand collaboration #PoetsForPeace hosted on FORGOTTENMEADOWS 


There was a time when we used to neglect.
A random change made each of us to select.
You were before and I was present.
But the affection among us was absent.
Neither me nor you cared for each other.
It was just  hate that binds  together.
Time passed you went away.
Leaving behind me on painful way.
I never expressed how much I cared for.
How deliberately I waited for.
What you thought I never came to know.
What I thought you never came to know.
But one thing was clear.
We were knowing each other very well.
Despite of me never being well.
The hatred feeling among was our love.
We were each of our beloved.
Time passed and we got separated.
Leaving each other neglected.

It was a sudden surprise when we met again.
The buried hate came to born again.
We were never made for each other.
That’s what we thought.
The mouth and heart spoke different.
Leaving each of us in silent.
Silent for quite a time.
In order to begin a new time.
You gave indication for end of cold war.
Being together we will fight every war.
Hugging you in distress.
Will you become my Mrs?
I know you know.
What else do we need to know.
We are each of ours soul.
Coming together we will achieve our goal.
You have suffered and I have suffered.
Now its time for each of us to prefer.
Holding each other we will cry.
Solving each others pain we will try.
Gone are the time when we were in vain.
Together we will burn all the pain.
Each of us are made for each other.
The journey of eternal love starts here.
You are my dear and I am your dear.
There is no need for any sorts of fear.
Let’s begin the journey of millions miles.
Let it take the desired time.
Slowly and slowly we will move forward.
Igniting a new flame we will never look backward.
So let’s begin the journey of millions miles.
Let it take the desired time.


– Ashish Kumar

Battle with joy

Life has many things to offer.
Either good or bad, one has to suffer.
Experiences has a role to play.
Making the path for smoother way.
Each fights at least a battle daily.
Wondering whether is it necessary really?
The question starts here.
The road to an unknown battle.
Sometimes resulting in vain.
Sometimes bearing a severe pain.
Life is incomplete without fight.
But not with the humans.
Which we fight at every moment.
What to do what not to do.
What is right what is wrong…
Either in day or night.
We have to fight.

The battle which we fight always.
Is never real always.
Its a virtual fight.
Which cannot be seen but felt.
The battle which we cannot stop.
So better not to try to put a full stop.
One has to face and win.
Rather to be in disguise and ruin.
Take that in positive way.
To build the path for your way.
There is nothing to cry.
Face the battle with joy.
Just … Face the battle with joy….


 – Ashish Kumar

… मैं तो चलता गया |…

सब कुछ सवारते हुए |
खुद को सँभालते हुए |
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं न रहा |

राहों में मुश्किलों को झेलते |
आँखों से आंसूं पीते |
होठों पे मुस्कराहट बनाये हुए |
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं न रहा |

कभी सुख को देख के |
कभी दुःख को झेल के |
अपने आप को भूल के |
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं न रहा |

आवाज़ों के बाज़ारों में |
शोर के भवसागर में |
मेरी ख़ामोशी शांत हो गयी |
बोलूं तो बोलू क्या |
मेरी आवाज़ भी मुझसे नाराज़ हो गयी |
दुनिया की परछाई में |
खुद की परछाई भूल गया |
परन्तु …
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं न रहा |

एक राह पकड़ी ऐसी |
जिस पर इंसान ने कदम ही न रखे थे |
उस अंजानी और अजनबी राह में |
मंज़िल तलाश लिया |
औरो की क्या बात करे |
खुद को ही अपना शागिर्द बना लिया |
अकेले ही रहकर |
अकेलेपन को मार डाला |
पर …
मैं तो चलता गया |
पर मैं “मैं” न रहा |

अँधेरा आया और गया |
पर सवेरा नहीं हुआ |
आने और जाने का चक्र चलता रहेगा |
मैं था , मैं हूँ |
राह कठिन है बहुत |
अंगारों पर चलना होगा |
मुश्किलों को मारने के लिए |
खुद से जीतना होगा |
सवेरा लाने के लिए |
खुद को सूरज की तरह जलना होगा |
डगर मुश्किल है नामुमकिन नहीं |
इसलिए …
मैं तो चलूँगा |
और चलता रहूँगा | 

walk1  – Ashish kumar