What should I do?

Tired of these endless game.
I don’t have any shame.
I reside in darkness.
I eat fruits which are sweetless.
Becoming slowly and slowly frustrated.
My mind is irritated.

My pain is severe.
I am having fever.
I have no strength left for fight.
When I will be again delight?
Hoping for that moment to come soon.
I am waiting for that noon.
But for the present, “WHAT SHOULD I DO ???”

Ashish Kumar

Not in a mood…

Not in a mood to write anything.
What should be motto behind writing?
The mind has become little tired.
Better not to write something weird.
Eyes are blinking continuously.
Losing my energy slowly.
I think to take some rest.
Coming back, I will enjoy the fest.
Seems like I am sleeping.
Better to avoid writing.
It depends on the thought process.
Better to avoid forceful writing process.
Good days to all.
Hope I will wake up soon from sleeping.
I am not in a mood of writing.

– Ashish Kumar

लिखते जा |

कुछ लिखने का जी करता है |
क्या लिखूं समझ नहीं आता है |
काम करते करते तन और मन थक जाता है |
फिर भी दिल लिखने को कहता है |
दिल को कैसे समझाऊं जो हर वक़्त धड़कता है |
पर तन और मन आराम करना चाहता है |
मन कहता है सो जा |
दिल कहता है लिखते जा…


समय का चक्र तो हमेशा चलता है |
पर मनुष्य का जीवन तो रुकता है |
ज़िंदगी मे कई लोगों से मिलना होता है |
पर लिखने के लिए खुद से बात करना परता है |
लिखकर अत्यंत आनंद प्राप्त होता है |
लिखने के बाद मन भी खुश हो जाता है |
पर फिर भी ये लिखने से रोकता है |
मन कहता है सो जा  |
पर दिल कहता है लिखते जा |
और लिखते जा …

 – Ashish Kumar



Some sort of worry.
 Some sort of tension.
 Battling with them is always awesome.
 Holding those condition beside me.
 I survived.
 I lost myself.


Meeting with unwanted situation.
Hearing always taunting conversation.
Made me to think for sometime.
Do people also bark?
I survived.
I lost myself.


The battle continues.
Not thought of taking rest.
As the life goes on.
I will move on.
The path is not easy.
Will keep myself busy.
Obstacles will come for sure.
I won’t give up, that is for sure.
Stones will be thrown on my way.
with that stones will make my way.
Even my soul can get tired.
But I won’t.
At that time…
I will survive.
I will beat the…
Worry and tension,
Unwanted situation and taunting conversation.


– Ashish Kumar