Few Quotes – 11

Hope all are doing good in new year. A new beginning has made its arrival. So here I am with few of my quotes after almost 3 months gap. Whenever I get a chance to write quotes I definitely do the same and it gives me a pleasurable feeling. 🙂 The response and motivation from all of you makes me to write more and more. Do share your views , opinions what you think about these quotations as your views are very precious for me. 🙂

  1. Sometimes eyes speak more than mouth.
  2. Being empty or lonely is not a misfortune. Its an examination which makes you self dependent and self-reliant.
  3. Few incidents needs to be buried rather than to keep alive in mind which may hamper the coming tomorrow.

– Ashish Kumar

What should I think…

More work and less day.
Want to go on my own way.
Trying to get rid of it.
The more I try, the more I stick.
Paving the way to lose something.
I am not able to think.

Experiencing the thorny situation.
I am having some tension.
Being in dilemma for time.
I am losing my time.
My mind is not able to think.
And my eyes stopped to blink.

I have to take a risk to rise.
Rather than to be in disguise.
Bad moments are my friends now.
Got habituated to deal with them now.
I need to think.
But the question is what?
The pain remains.
The dirt persists.
That I need to revert and resist.
Hoping for that morning to come.
I am waiting for that sun to rise and come.
But for the present…
What should I think ?


– Ashish Kumar

The Bleed

Tears coming from the eyes.

Making the way to survive.

Moving slowly across the face.

Trying to capture the entire space.

Mirror image of emotions displayed.

The droplets of water reflected.

Trust broke; betrayal came at sudden stroke.

Living in disguise there was demise of hope.

Poor mind stopped to think.

Ultimately came to stand still.

Body shivered, heart cried.

To accompany, no one ever tried.

Thinking on what was the deed.

Saw only bleed, bleed.

Is crying was really a need?

Visible was only bleed, bleed.

Is anything left for greed?

Present was only bleed, bleed.

The bleed…

Which nobody wants as part of their need.


– Ashish Kumar

अकेलापन |

अकेलेपन का अपना ही अलग मज़ा है |
लोग क्यूँ कहते इसे एक सज़ा है |
अपने आप से बात करने का मौका मिलता है |
खुद को परखने का अवसर दिखता है |

सब से बात करके अब खुद से बात करना चाहिए.
अकेलेपन का कुछ फायदा तो उठाना चाहिए.
किया बहुत सबने चिंतन और मनन.
अब करते हैं कुछ आत्म मंथन.

अकेले रहना कोई नही चाहता |
जो चाहिए वो हमेशा नही मिलता |
जब कभी अकेले होने का एहसास होता है |
दिल सिसकता है और रोता है |
अकेलेपन मे कोई अपना नही होता है |
पर ये भी सच है…
अकेले रहकर अकेलेपन को मारने मे मज़ा बहुत आता है |
मज़ा बहुत आता है…


– Ashish Kumar


There is always something special.
Finding that special is very crucial.
Life has many roles to play.
Depends on how we take in our way.

Trying to achieve perfection.
One should have a positive perception.
Life will never be without obstacle.
It is we only who have to tackle.

Its better to crush the negative thinking.
Generate a path with creative thinking.
Glow like stars and sun.
Don’t rest even if you have to burn.
It is possible to achieve the dream.
Rather than just seeing the dream.
Question is how?
Answer lies in us.
There is always something special.
Finding that special is very crucial.


– Ashish Kumar