The spirit to fight…

The spirit to fight is required.
In the time which is undesired.
Running away is not the solution.
Even though you are in tension.
During the midst of light and dark.
People will continue to bark.
Leave the taunting words aside.
Fight and make the situation at your side.
Fighting spirit is needed sometime.
At the inception of bad time.
Tough decisions need to be taken.
Rather than to keep the mind shaken.
Be strong and bold.
In order to carry the load.
Listen to the voice of your conscience.
This will provide you the proper sign.
Fight and fight…
Convert inconvenient to convenient.
The spirit to fight is required.
In the time which is undesired.

– Ashish Kumar

Is the time right?

Indian Bloggers

Want to write,
Is the time right?
A question which often comes.
Better this should be overcome.
How can you stop a writer from writing?
Stopping from doing the right thing.

                   Hey! Dirty mind.
                   Don’t deviate the focused mind.
                   Let the mind work properly.
                   Allowing it to write frequently.
                  You be seated in corner.
                  Take rest and stick to corner.

Culprit is not the time.
But it is our own mind.
Don’t think much.
Just write and write.
You want to write.
Again the question arise.
Is the time right???


– Ashish Kumar

Few Quotes – 11

Hope all are doing good in new year. A new beginning has made its arrival. So here I am with few of my quotes after almost 3 months gap. Whenever I get a chance to write quotes I definitely do the same and it gives me a pleasurable feeling. 🙂 The response and motivation from all of you makes me to write more and more. Do share your views , opinions what you think about these quotations as your views are very precious for me. 🙂

  1. Sometimes eyes speak more than mouth.
  2. Being empty or lonely is not a misfortune. Its an examination which makes you self dependent and self-reliant.
  3. Few incidents needs to be buried rather than to keep alive in mind which may hamper the coming tomorrow.

– Ashish Kumar

What should I think…

More work and less day.
Want to go on my own way.
Trying to get rid of it.
The more I try, the more I stick.
Paving the way to lose something.
I am not able to think.

Experiencing the thorny situation.
I am having some tension.
Being in dilemma for time.
I am losing my time.
My mind is not able to think.
And my eyes stopped to blink.

I have to take a risk to rise.
Rather than to be in disguise.
Bad moments are my friends now.
Got habituated to deal with them now.
I need to think.
But the question is what?
The pain remains.
The dirt persists.
That I need to revert and resist.
Hoping for that morning to come.
I am waiting for that sun to rise and come.
But for the present…
What should I think ?


– Ashish Kumar

लिखते जा |

कुछ लिखने का जी करता है |
क्या लिखूं समझ नहीं आता है |
काम करते करते तन और मन थक जाता है |
फिर भी दिल लिखने को कहता है |
दिल को कैसे समझाऊं जो हर वक़्त धड़कता है |
पर तन और मन आराम करना चाहता है |
मन कहता है सो जा |
दिल कहता है लिखते जा…


समय का चक्र तो हमेशा चलता है |
पर मनुष्य का जीवन तो रुकता है |
ज़िंदगी मे कई लोगों से मिलना होता है |
पर लिखने के लिए खुद से बात करना परता है |
लिखकर अत्यंत आनंद प्राप्त होता है |
लिखने के बाद मन भी खुश हो जाता है |
पर फिर भी ये लिखने से रोकता है |
मन कहता है सो जा  |
पर दिल कहता है लिखते जा |
और लिखते जा …

 – Ashish Kumar