जज़्बात कभी हालात ने बदले,

तो कभी मुलाकात ने बदले।

जज़्बात कभी रात के अंधियारों ने बदले,

तो कभी जीवन के अंधकार ने बदले।

कभी आग की लपटों में जज़्बात जल गए,

तो कभी दिल की आग में धुआं बन उड़ गए।

शाम ढलते कभी दिल के कब्र में चले गए,

तो कभी भोर होते वापस दिल में बस गए।

जज्बात कभी कोहरा बन उड़ गए,

तो कभी अश्रुओं की बारिश में बह गए।

जज़्बात कभी हालात ने बदले,

तो कभी मुलाकात ने बदले।

दिलवालों की बस्ती में कभी दिल ही न मिले।

फिर इंसान का दिल भगवान या खुदा से कैसे मिले?

क्या थे और क्या से क्या हो गए।

कभी दूध और पानी के प्यासे थे,

अब खून के प्यासे हो गए।

इतने रंग बदले कि बेरंग हो गए,

जज़्बात अब कागज़ में ही गुम हो गए।

जज़्बात अब कागज़ में ही गुम हो गए।

Ashish Kumar

Do we live in Present?

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We live on a “dot planet”, Earth, the only planet in solar system where life exists. Sun is the ultimate source of energy for all existence on earth. The energy coming in the form of light from Sun is converted into chemical energy i.e food by the plants by photosynthesis. All the fossils fuels are derived from plants which existed millions of years ago. The existence of life on earth is dependent on sunlight.

The speed of light is 3*10^8 m/s. Sunlight takes around 8 minutes (precisely, 8 minutes 20 seconds) to reach earth. This means what we see Sun is its past view of 8 minutes. What we view is the past image of Sun which is the ultimate source of energy on earth. Many chemical reactions depends on sunlight which is necessary for survival. The fossil fuels like natural gas, coal etc. which takes million years of formation. These energy sources are created over a very long period of time from decayed and fossilized living matter, mainly plants and animals and the energy in these living matter originally came from Sun through photosynthesis. Sun is also responsible for changing weather pattern on earth. The existence of all forms of life on earth is fueled by sunlight, directly or indirectly.

Similarly, when we see Moon, it is 1.3 second past view of it as moonlight takes 1.3 seconds to reach earth. The speed of sound is 343 m/s. Although, the speed of sound depends on its medium of travel. When we speak, sound takes its own time to reach us. This means what we hear is past. Also, what we see is the past image including that of sun and moon. Our eyes also take some time to process the image.

Having said that, this raises an important question. Do we live in the present? We see the past and we hear the past. The ultimate source of energy on earth i.e sunlight takes 8 minutes to reach us. Our entire process is dependent on sunlight. Then do we live in present or in past. If we use telescope to see some planets of our solar system, we will see the past image and not the current one as light takes its time to reach us. If we see images of stars or planets of Milky Way Galaxy, we will see the past of it. Similarly, if some aliens will view our earth from their place of residence (assuming that there might be some habitable planet), they will see our past and not the present.

Consider an example. Planet Earth reflected its light which took 100 earth years to reach Planet X. Now Planet X people if use a telescope to focus on earth can see the light emitting from earth will be 100 years ago reflected by earth. Zooming in (assuming they have that high precision telescope), they will see us 100 years past image, meaning if it is 2021 on earth, they will be seeing 1921 earth. This will happen for us as well if we focus on say, Planet Y and light takes 50 years to travel to earth, then we will be seeing 50 years past of Planet Y. In fact, what we see in the night, the various twinkling stars, we are viewing their past light emitted from these stars, few years ago depending on the distance of those stars from earth. So is the case with sound. Space science had proved this that what we see is the past and not the present. This means that everything we see is the past and everything we hear is the past. Then how can we live in present? Do we really live in present?

Philosophically, we should try to live in present. But is it practically possible when everything going around happening is the past? This question might seem awkward, but I wanted to share with you all. You may have encountered or thought of this question. Hoping to get answer to this question. The answer to this question is subjective and can be debatable. Please share your views.

Ashish Kumar

The Tree Ultimately Fell…

A building made by immense struggle and effort.
That collapsed due to a sudden storm.
Collecting the pieces of the collapsed structure.
I lost my own mind and the body structure.
The language and gesture all went in vain.
At a sudden surprise, I was left in pain.
I didn’t cry but tears fell.
The tree I planted ultimately fell.

In the narrow passage of my heart, there was a hope.
Searching for the way to convert that hope into a scope.
Loads of loads of trouble were in the queue.
Not aware whether this was a never ending queue.
The journey which I started from the bottom of my heart.
That came to an end which left my heart with loads of hurt.
I enjoyed that moment a lot.
As I have to build another plot.
The plot with more immune capacity.
That is capable of holding any tragedy.
Hoping to get all is well.
I didn’t cry but tears fell.
The tree I planted ultimately fell.
The tree I planted ultimately fell.

Ashish Kumar


बात सिर्फ इतनी है, कि बात कुछ भी नहीं।

बस यही बात है, जो मुसीबत की जड़ है।

इसी बात में, गौण हो रहे जज़्बात।

मालूम नहीं कैसे, बिगड़ जाते हालात।

बात सिर्फ इतनी है, कि बात कुछ भी नहीं।

हमारी सब सुने, पर हम किसी की नहीं।

अहंकार में लिप्त हुई, इंसान की सोच।

अपनापन हमदर्दी छोड़, हो रहे सब मदहोश।

बात सिर्फ इतनी है, कि बात कुछ भी नहीं।

कहते हैं जिसे इंसान, पर वो इंसान नहीं।

मानव निर्मित हथियार और मिसाइल ने,

सिर्फ मानव को ही मारा।

कितने घर किए बर्बाद, और कितनों को उजाड़ा।

इस कदर बार बार, मानवता को ही मारा।

हमने मिसाइल तो बनाया, पर “मिसाल” कब बनेंगे?

इस अंधे दौड़ से, बाहर कब निकलेंगे?

बात सिर्फ इतनी है, कि बात कुछ भी नहीं।

मैं ही सिर्फ सत्य हूं, और बाकी कुछ नहीं।

असल सत्य जो है वो “मैं” नहीं,

और “मैं” जो है वो सत्य नहीं।

यही बात है जो समझनी है।

बात सिर्फ इतनी है, कि बात कुछ भी नहीं।

बात सिर्फ इतनी है, कि बात कुछ भी नहीं।

Ashish Kumar

Earn and earned…

Reluctant to accept fault.

One is not perfect by default.

Ignoring the truth aside.

Seems one has achieved pride.

Fake sense of sensing proud.

Surrounded by…

Opening mouth, always loud.

Reject everything of relevance.

Taking unnecessary vengeance.

Disrespect all and want respect in return.

One can get awe but no “respect” in return.


Respect and blessings are earned with humble attitude.

Curse is earned with insolent attitude.

Curse is earned with insolent attitude.

Stop and think…

What should I earn?

what have I earned?

Is it awe and curse?


Is it respect and blessings?

Ashish Kumar