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Life is unimaginable without you.
Source of energy and power.
As you are the superpower.
If you rest, the earth will collapse.
Every civilization needs you,
For their survival.
Superpower illusions rest with humans.
Stop supplying your energy for a few years.
The entire system will collapse.
How will humans survive?
Every illusion will end.
Reality persists.
You were present before us.
You have seen all the ups and downs,
Happening on earth.
Natural resources exploitation,
War, invasions, genocides, catfights and dogfights.
Riots, rapes and terrorism. 
Tampering of natural beauty…
And many more.
You continue to provide energy free of cost.
Humans never exchanged these free of cost.
Reality is..
You, The Sun is the ultimate source of energy and power.
As you are the superpower.

- Ashish Kumar

32 thoughts on “Sun

  1. It is a powerful reminder that the Sun indeed is the source of all energy for everything on our planet. I wish this was enough for humans to get a perspective, I like how you say – “Every illusion will end.” Deeply meaningful and beautiful poem!

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    1. Indeed, the Sun is the ultimate source of energy on the earth… Our existence depends on the Sun… Ironically, humans have considered themselves to be the superpower which is an illusion..
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your valuable insights… Glad you liked the poem… 👍☺️🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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