Memories never die, they rest forever.
Good and evil, both are required for survival.
Good gives us joy, evil make us sad.
We recall generally, memories which were sad.
Choice is always open, for us to pick and choose.
Which one to recall, we should check and move.
Not every moment is identical, understand.
Every moment is a future memory, realize.
Evil memoirs, deteriorates mental well-being.
Avoid picking such, for a better well-being.
Mind is loaded with life’s journey, use it.
One which adds frustration and arrogance…
Tension and unhappiness…
Rude and vanity in the behaviour...
Simply ignore it.
Memories never die, they rest forever.
Good and evil, both are required for survival.

- Ashish Kumar

26 thoughts on “Memories…

    1. Yes, it does. Studies and research have shown that memory shape our behaviour. There are many research papers as well on this topic.
      Memory hold important knowledge about our attributes, traits, past etc. which plays an important role in our behaviour. We use our experiences to decide and experiences are our past memories. We feel joy from recalling our school days etc. and happiness comes out from those memories. Similarly, we get upset from those incidents which we never wanted to happen in life but it happened, and these are stored in our memory and recalling them make us feel bad… And so on…. some people get annoyed by recalling those memories.

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  1. Beautifully written !!
    “Memories never dies, they rest forever
    Good and evil, both are required for survival”….. So true.
    Bad memories teaches us lessons, makes us aware what wrong we did in the past and what good we need to do in the future, while good memories are just something that reminds us that time keep on changing.

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  2. Memories do rest forever and are easily unearthed by anything which might be even distantly related to a particular experience.
    Merely ‘focusing on the positives’ is difficult indeed, however, it is a stepping stone to a happy and peaceful life!


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