Magic moments

Magic moments, followed by happiness.
Peace flowed with intention of satisfaction.
Life goes on with turmoil and magic moments.
Rolling on the grounds of life what made us real.
To recognize the flaws and stay away from the “unreal”.
What can be achieved with fair intention is infinite.
Catch the magic moments and life becomes full of joy.
Change the attitude and explore the beauty in and out.
Learn, explore and enjoy life without cry.

Tears are natural so is the rain.
Wipe your tears to remove the pain.
Feel the moments surrounding you.
Ignore the one which hurts you.
All moments are necessary to become mature.
Life is about to learn and solve the load.
Magic moments appear many times in a day.
Explore, feel it, and make your day.
Explore, feel it, and make your day. 

- Ashish Kumar

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