What else required…

Hidden facts, falsified truth.
What else required…
As the world is ruth.
Black intentions, crowd of deceiver.
What else required…
As the people have become squeezer.
Trust buried; mistrust born.
Fake faces appear in front.
Weather changes from time to time.
What else required…
As people change every time.
Pretension and being superior is common.
Reality and being humble is uncommon.
Misfortune and mis-behaviour knock the door.
What else required…
As ego, anger and impatience are lying on the floor.

-Ashish Kumar

26 thoughts on “What else required…

      1. Sure I will visit. Thank you so much for your kind words. I learn from all good posts. Like your post, it reminded me of my experience on “mistrust” or you can say breach of trust which finally pushed me to walk in the path of enlightenment. If you have time then please read my journey through books. Nothing but I shared my experiences, step by step, what has helped me in saving myself. my journey through books. https://arunsingha.in/2021/12/05/my-journey-through-books-part-2/ Regards.😊🙏

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