Joy turning to overjoy.
Overjoy leading to false commitments.
Excitement tarnishing the realism.
Politeness turning to arrogance.
Jokes turning to taunts and comments.
Suggestions turning to criticism.
Creativity leading to dogmatism.
Comparison leading to frustration.
Lack of materialistic assets leading to depression.
Real truth never explored and experienced.
What soul teaches never understood.
Rather developed a layer created by “own-self”.
Pride turning to vanity.
Have you ever experienced above?
These are symptoms of immaturity.
These are symptoms of immaturity.

- Ashish Kumar

24 thoughts on “Immaturity…

    1. The poem only states some of the symptoms of immaturity and that too in situation wise which can be subjective as well. Each line of the poem depicts a scenario.

      It does not states whether immaturity is right or wrong. It is up to the people to understand what is mature or what is immature.

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