Food is being prepared…

Online food delivery has become part of life, particularly in urban areas and amongst youngsters. This post is about online food delivery wherein Mr X throws few interesting questions. 😊 😛 Let us see what Mr X wants to convey.

Mr X was to meet one of his relatives. He thought of taking some sweets as he was meeting them after one year due to lockdown. He ordered some sweets online. After placing the order, the status on app was showing “Your order has been received”. Mr X checked the status after few minutes, and it showed “Food is being prepared”.… Mr X thought for a while and he recalled what he ordered. He ordered Gulab Jamun, Kaju Katli, Moti Choor Laddoo, Rasmalai and Rasgullas. Mr X was wondering how is it possible to prepare all these sweets after placing the order? Also, the status on app was showing “Your order will be delivered tentatively in 30 minutes”. Mr X mind was full of few questions as below:

  • How come Gulab Jamun, Rasgullas, Kaju Katli, Moti Choor Laddoo and Rasmalai can be prepared after I placed the order?
  • Preparation of these sweets started after I placed the order?
  • It takes hours to prepare sweets and few sweets even take more than 24 hours to get into the final touch. Then how is it possible that these sweets are prepared in so less time?
  • “Food is being prepared” should not be the status as sweets are already prepared in advance and not after placing the order…

Logically, Mr X is right as sweets preparation takes time, in general. Try to answer the above questions raised by Mr X. 😊 😛 His logic seems to be correct. Share your thoughts on Mr X observations and thinking. Have you ever thought of such questions? 😛   

Stay happy. Stay safe… Keep smiling… 😊 😛 And yeah, don’t do overthinking after reading this post… 😛

Ashish Kumar

71 thoughts on “Food is being prepared…

  1. Duo Disseminators

    Aha sure food is all ready prepared not to be prepared😂 one time we placed a big order of a meal and it came in what? just 30 mins! we can’t even charge them to be late😶

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  2. Dude! That’s something I wanted to discuss for s long time.
    There are tons of dishes which I’m sure can’t be cooked within 30 min. (Sweets included)
    And “food is being prepared” woah…
    Let’s order coldrink someday & zomato will be like- your beverage is being prepared…lol.
    Btw, Nice post.

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                    1. Aishaji, ap Notion Press auf Amazon se free me book publish kar sakte hain. Book free me publish ho jayega wahan se jo ki self publishing hoga aur apko sab kuch karna hoga apni taraf se…

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                      Soch ke decide kijiye.


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                    4. Thank you so much sir 😍lakin abhi meri book publish nahi ho rahi he sab kuch tayaar he mene ak jahga baat ki he mgr mere pass itne pase nahi he jitne unhone bola he me pase jamaa karne ki puri koshish kar rahi hu sir bus aap dua karna sir mere kaam jaldi hi ho jaaye

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  3. This takes me to a classroom where Prof Einstein was taking
    a class… every day he will ask the same question – once the student asked him, Sir, “ You ask the same question every day? For which Prof. Einstein said…Yes and I expect a different answer every day.

    On a serious note questions has to be reframed for freshly cooked VS packaging. Eventually that will also come. Power of 5G, AI, and yeah delivery mange more !

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    1. Or the statement should be reframed. Sometimes on online transport services. You order, and a statement will automatically appear “driver will be with you in the next 5 minutes” sometimes,it works, sometimes, the driver would be very far from you.

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  4. Hahaha, 👌nice post. l think Mr. X should not only wonder about the statement “food is being …” But should also worry about why the author gave him a simple name “Mr. X.” Ashish, kindly explain to Mr. X.😀😀😀

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    1. Hahaha…. Thanks a lot for your visit and sharing your thoughts…. 🙂 Mr X is a general person. He can be anyone whoever have such questions in mind… 😛 Lol….

      Once again thanks a lot for your visit… Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting… 🙂


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