Rat Race…

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Pretension of extreme knowledge.

Overwhelmed with lack of confidence.

Slowly makes the mind tenuous.

This process becomes continuous.

Layers of overconfidence and letting others down.

Seems to have mind with a golden crown.

What happens next?

Impatience overcomes the patience.

Calmness and sanity become absent.

This is followed by…

Red eyes and angry face.

Opens the gate of proverbial rate race.

Opens the gate of proverbial rat race.

Ashish Kumar

31 thoughts on “Rat Race…

  1. Lokesh Sastya

    We are not above anyone, we’re the part of the people, our community. If we pay attention to the events and activities happening around us, trying to understand them, it will be easier to recognise the common interest.

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    1. Agree, we are the part of a community… This poem is about one of the traits which few posses and that trait is “pretension of omniscience” and that too with overconfidence. Nobody knows everything and nobody is perfect…
      There are few who enjoys letting others down and in turn few start doing the same with extreme knowledge that they pretends. Here comes that pretension of omniscience… This goes on and the one who follows such pretentious omniscience becomes a “proverbial rat race”… This is the crux which I have tried to bring in this poem… This poem is a satire on those omniscient people.

      Thanks a lot Lokesh for reading and sharing your thoughts.. 🙂


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