Surface of Illusion…

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In the playground full of noise and crowd.

Unpleasant experience coming all around.

Passing the buck is so common now.

Everyone pretends to be perfect now.

What make them perfect is an illusion.

Perfection comes from introspection.

Self-claim is the new phenomenon.

I am right always…

You are wrong always…

I know everything…

You know nothing…

What makes them so confident?

It can be…

A hollow surface of illusion.

Surrounded by…

Barking words and fake illustration.

Having their feet above air,

Seems they reside in exosphere.

Once they fall,

They may fall inside earth’s inner core.

Rising above that is not possible.

As entire life, they did which was not feasible.

World is surrounded by such illusionary people.

Such illusion is an illusion.

Reality is different.


Those who pretends to know everything knows nothing.

-Ashish Kumar

66 thoughts on “Surface of Illusion…

    1. Thank you so much for reading the poem and sharing your views… Yes, published it few minutes back and of course, you are the first one to share the views.. 🙂

      Happy to have your visit and views…. Glad to know from you that you found the poem worthy enough to be said “true”… means a lot.. keep visiting… 🙂

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  1. I think those who claim to know everything, stop being curious, stop being interested, stop evolving. They become ignorant which keeps them from knowing more. But those who are humble enough to admit that they will never be able to know it all, will never cease to learn, discover, and explore, which makes their wisdom and experience endless…

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    1. Yes, those who claim to know everything, they stop exploring and limit themselves in what they know. But on the opposite, those who are humble, they have the guts to accept that there is much to know and they keep on learning, exploring and evolving…

      Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your valuable insight. Always a pleasure to hear from you… 🙂


  2. Lokesh Sastya

    This is my favourite topic…talking about crowd or noise and being a self declared unique original individual writer.

    It was not happened with me. Means, getting a greatest idea > write a popular book series (ex. Rowling) > break previous records > be the bestseller > get popular and famous.

    I’m a literature lover. It started with the rabbit and tortoise, with reading so many other novels (almost every book of Premchand), last year I completed “A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea”.

    I have my time for university affairs. I don’t have much information and resources. I usually rely of free and open resources (to read). I like different genres and categories. I test almost everything.

    I read newspaper and magazines, watch behind the scenes of a movie, watch renowned personality’s interviews (especially the way they present themselves), I try to find art and efforts in Arijit’s songs ( I can see the direction through his songs), I hear audio podcasts too. Whenever, I get free time, I start watching comedy, comedy shows, Charlie Chaplin, Stand ups ( local and international).

    I have a tendency of continuity (my weak point – to not test and fully utilise the learnings from others), when I start reading a book or watching a video, I go in thw deep sight of the artistic work, in the fast speed/rapidly, to complete the book/video( sometimes, I never want that story should be ended or it should be ended in the different way ). This is my loss. I have found that when I gave myself enough time to understand the “matter and learnings” in the story, its ROI (return of investment) was high.

    *Some stories were really not worthy or I don’t think I should visit them again.

    When you recognise yourself as a creator, presenter, editor and producer it challenges your mind in a different way. You think against what you have read (till now) and perception based stories told by people. You start finding the fake and false.

    If not as a writer but as a normal human, I see various facts are misguiding. True and worthy information/knowledge is limited to a few people. On the other hand, if you see in the whole ( add local impact ), there are some great creators and writers successfully presented and get a huge unexpected positive response from the audience. We have collection of great brilliant work of the artists. We feel proud.

    As a writer or awared youth, I’m raising my voice for “development, betterment, evolution, descovery, growth” having “art, artists, activists, leaders, dreamers” with the morals and values of “love, peace and humanity ”.

    I want to just “starting a conversation”.

    My comment is longer than your post, Ashish bhai. Sorry for that. I’m feeling happy and relaxed now. I’m struggling to find a sense, purpose and manner of writing for myself and the audience. Can you analyse and summarise my comment in a few words, adding necessary suggestions?

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    1. Dear Lokesh,

      After going through your comment several times, I understand you have described your personal hobbies and your objectives and having a good “name-fame” as your long-term goal. That goal is to become famous with your writings and skills which you own. It is good to know you have clear cut objective placed before you and you must work accordingly without comprising your education (if you are pursuing your graduation/post graduation). Not be carried away by the hearsay and deviating from your objectives.

      You mentioned about being a self-declared unique original individual writer. In my opinion, it is better to leave that to the readers or audience as their opinions/feedback is the reward that writers get. My thinking is little different… Every writer and every literature are unique in some sense or the other (if one can view the same). I am happy to know that you are a literature lover, and it is one of the good habits that will lead you forward. Bill Gates read many numbers of pages on daily basis, till today.

      I understand as you mentioned you are struggling to find a purpose/sense/manner in your writing. You might be facing the situation wherein you are not sure what will be the audience taste? Whether my writing will be liked or appreciated? This will be overcome once you introspect and find the reason. As per my personal experience, writing is a way to express a writers thoughts through words. It comes from inside. One has to feel the same while writing. One need to love his writing and most important, it should satisfy himself first and at the same time, avoiding forceful writing.

      There is a very good book titled, IKIGAI, having a good discussion on purpose (You may read the review here, One more book is the classic one, written by Dr Victor Frankl titled, MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING (will be writing review post soon), this book is a tribute to “hope” from holocaust. This is an excellent book when people lose hope and purpose and then how they stand up to become one of the classic writer and inventor of logotherapy, I am talking about the author, Dr. Victor Frankl. Mentioned these two books as you are literature lover.

      Happy that you spoke your heart out and shared your personal thoughts and asked me to analyse and summarize the same. Have tried doing that. Apologies if it did not suit you… Stay focussed and stay safe… And sorry for late response.

      Ashish Kumar

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      1. Lokesh Sastya

        Having name and fame is not the ultimate of mine, it matters the goals we share, it doesn’t matter I’m famous or not.

        One issue, my lack of knowledge and control over english language. I’m learning it because it is interesting, provides me broad audience to share my thoughts.

        (I have observed, I talk in the person a lot, using “I” a lot. I think, I should stop. Replacing it by some cool sentences or phrases.

        Also, people do not like someone talking in the active voice. You try to put up your thoughts, but it always results in poor performance and bad impression.)

        I’m learning the Ikigai concept. It is hard for me to choose what exactly I want to do. An easier way is to follow my interest. That’s writing.

        According to Ikigai our passion should match with our profession. For me, it is a big question, what I have to give the people, and how?

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        1. Hi Lokesh! The IKIGAI concept is from one of the islands of Japan namely Okinawa. The lifestyle and environment on other part of the world is totally different from Okinawa but the thing is how we can make ourselves learn to live happy and purposeful life which gives satisfaction. One may not completely implement the IKIGAI concept but at least consider those concepts which can be implemented where one resides as per the situation. Slowly and slowly, we all learn and hence move forward.

          And as far as passion and profession is concerned, you have to think little. You need to think whether your passion matches your profession or vice versa… Remember, you should do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do… This may give the solution…


  3. Absolutely beautiful poem – so very meaningful and thoughtful. My teacher once said that a wise person usually will very readily say “I don’t know” – the more you know, you come to know how much you don’t know.

    So many beautiful lines you have, like –
    Such illusion is an illusion.

    Reality is different.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read the poem and liking it… Yes, exactly, this is the point which I have tried to make in this poem as most people pretends to know everything. Having the feeling to know all should be avoided and in true sense, if one starts knowing the things in depth, it goes on and he definitely realizes that what he knows is just a small portion… there is still lot to explore… But those who think that they know everything, this is an illusion… I liked the lines which your teacher said. “I don’t know – the more yo know, you come to know how much you don’t know”. This is so apt and true and one should realize the same…

      Thanks a lot for your insightful comment… Glad to know that you liked my work… Means a lot… 🙂

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  4. Tushar

    Bahot sach likha hai dost tumne. Achha laga.
    Your post is filled with truth and hard hitting ground reality.
    Keep writing like this.
    God bless you dost.
    Hope you reach the greatest height in your work.


  5. This is an amazing poem Ashish. I too have had it in my mind to write something like this. The higher we rise bigger is the fall.

    You have captured the essence so beautifully. One of the best.

    Love and blessings

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    1. Thank you so much sir for taking your time to read the poem and liking it… Glad to know that you found this poem as one of my best work… Honoured and humbled to know the same… 🙂
      will be looking forward to read your writing on this topic as well… 🙂

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  6. It is never possible to know everything no matter how much you try. With every second something new is being created or discovered. Someone who thinks that way is limited to their closed minds. It is really an illusion.. really enjoyed reading this!

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    1. Yes, indeed. Nobody can know everything but there are few who have such kind of thinking due to their closed minds as you rightly pointed. This is a kind of illusion which I have tried to portray in this poem…

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your valuable insights… Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting…. 🙂


  7. I know so many people who claims that they are always right, while they do not listen to others.
    I really think that it’s very hard to thrive with people like them, cause they will always belittle you. 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Loved your work 🙏🏼

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