Few Quotes – 13

Hello everyone! I hope all are doing good… Just wanted to share couple of my quotations which I penned recently after a gap of more than two years. Last time, it was way back in November 2018 wherein I shared few of my quotes. You may read Few Quotes – 12. As this being the 13th instalment of my Few Quotes Series, keep your blessings intact for my quotations. Read and do share your thoughts/opinions. 🙂

  • Some intangible pain should be buried forever.
  • Intangible pain if busted, comes with lot of sufferings along with disastrous repercussion.

– Ashish Kumar

26 thoughts on “Few Quotes – 13

  1. In my experience, it is the intangible pain that will fester and prevent if not dealt with. It is in facing the suffering and disastrous repercussions that unexpected treasures are found. It’s no easy feat to accept our greatness.

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    1. Yes, it has to be dealt within ourselves and silently, in my opinion, rather than being vocal and disclosing it… No doubt, one has to face many sufferings and pain and some of them can be intangible which has to be tackled with strong determination and will power which lies inside…

      Thank you so much for taking your time to read and sharing your perspective… Your views are always something different and I like that… Keep sharing.. 🙂

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    1. It may appear… If intangible pain gets busted, it is bigger and that’s why some intangible pain should be buried. They need to dealt silently and within ourselves and not by being vocal, in my opinion. Those memoirs which no one wants to recall has to be buried inside..

      Thank you so much for bringing such a nice perspective… Always a pleasure to have your views… 🙂

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      1. I don’t think you can bury them. And if you do, they will grow unnoticed. I think what we need to do is embracing them and making peace. Accepting that they are there as part of something we don’t understand yet.
        You are very welcome, Ashish. I like your inspiring thoughts!

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