Corona Virus – Pandemic

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World is under clouds of coming depression.
Mankind is currently facing stiff corona situation.
The battle between death and survival.
Featuring the startling pandemic arrival.
Arrival of a deadly disease across the globe.
Corona virus has shattered all the hope.
Who will survive nobody knows?
How many will die we rarely know?
Let’s be alert in our day to life.
To make Corona die.
It’s a pandemic we must realize.
Follow the lock-down in order to survive.
Being impatient will never serve the corona battle.
On the contrary, it won’t allow corona to settle.
There are many who carry the “hubris” attitude.
It’s time to bury such “debris” attitude.
Pandemic occurs rarely but shatters many.
Bringing clouds of fear, depression and many.
Let’s pray to almighty to normalize the current scenario.
Mankind must stand again to bring another portfolio.
Awareness, alertness and discipline are required in this pandemic.
Everyone should come together and not panic.
We can win this battle of corona jointly.
This cannot be curbed personally.
Some are playing filthy regional and religious politics.
They must remember…
The virus attacks without caste, creed, region and religion.
Everyone should unite…
Irrespective of their caste, creed, region and religion.

– Ashish Kumar

40 thoughts on “Corona Virus – Pandemic

  1. *🌼”हर रात की सुबह होती है,,, बस इस बार अंधेरा ज़रा गहरा है”*

    *”मुश्किल इसलिये है ,,, क्योंकि खुद पर खुद का ही पहरा है”*

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    1. Thanks a lot for reading and liking it… Exactly whether life is short or long we should enjoy it and tackle the situation coming around… ✌️ Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting 🙏🤗


    1. Thank you so much for praising the poem and yes, the last few lines are what is the current truth and how to curb pandemic through joint effort… 🙏
      Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting 🤗🙏😊


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