The Lost Battle…

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An unexpected situation came in life.
Leaving no choice except to fight.
Life was giving some deadly moments of curse.
It was an invitation to battle, of course.
There was no support from inside and outside.
It was a playground with devils every side.
The bloody battle playground was set.
As there was no option to reset.

The battle started without any planning and strategy.
It was surely going to be a tragedy.
Not being afraid of the outcomes, gave the best.
No worry even though if I may not rest.
Sort of fear and tension surrounded.
Body, mind and soul, all were wounded.
There were no supportive and motivating noise to hear.
My face was flooded with red tears.
Left in the place of pain and void.
It ended by losing as it was a failed try.

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The lost battle which gave me a lesson of life.
Result matters and so does the attempt in life.
Attempt gives a chance to know the flaws and fault.
As no one is perfect by default.
Rectification of flaws are important to rise.
Not a wise choice to remain in disguise.
Battle still continues…
Some won and some lost.
Enjoyed the won and introspected the lost.
Learning from the day to day battle as well.
Deep diving the life which is indeed a “well”.
The lost battle which gave me a lesson of life.
Result matters and so does the attempt in life.


– Ashish Kumar

19 thoughts on “The Lost Battle…

  1. Liked your profound words. I have been there in that ring of fire surrounded by devils and evil. Battle of wits indeed. They strike when you are at your lowest and to allude them you have to appear that you are at your best. Following Our Heavenly Father step by step to rise out of the situation. Camouflage is not easy. Lying low for a few days to recoup energy before going out into the fray again boldly. For these devils are not human they are creatures with closed minds void of the ability to think.

    Take care dear friend be strong and rise above them.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to go through the poem and sharing your experience… Life is like that, good and bad moments are part of life… Every bad situation gives us lesson. We need to tackle those and learn from the same… One has to be strong enough mentally and be ready for such circumstances…
      You rightly pointed out, there are closed minds without ability to think and we need to beware of them as they are the one who creates many obstacles as well…

      I am really honoured to have your views on my poem… Blessings and keep visiting… 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Sakshi for reading and liking the poem… Humbled to know that you found it worth… 🙏🤗

      Unfortunately, your comment went to Spam… Have unspammed it… 😂

      Thanks a lot for your visit… Keep visiting 🤗🙏


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