Happy Independence Day…

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This 15th August will mark the 72nd Independence Day in India. It is on this day way back in 1947 when India became free from British regime. Independence Day is one of the national festival celebrated across the country apart from Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti which are observed on 26th January and 2nd October respectively.

Indian freedom struggle consists of sacrifice, martydom, motivation, learning and preserving the culture. There were several who sacrified their lives for the cause of nation. The first war of Independence was fought in 1857 which ignited the zeal to get rid of British regime and make India free from any colonial rule. The 90 years struggle and fight ultimately gave us independence on 15th August, 1947 which also came with massive communal riots across the country due to the bloodshed of partition which divided India into two separate nations; India and Pakistan. Many sons of mother India lost their lives to bring freedom and have our own way of living. This independent India which we see today is because their immense contribution and it is our duty to preserve it and pave the way for its betterment. What we do should do good to us and the nation as well. It should be in the national interest.

On this auspicious day, Prime Minister of India hoists the tricolor at Red Fort, New Delhi and addresses the nation. Since 2014, Mr. Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister and this will be his 6th Independence Day speech. It is also the first Independence Day celebration post scrapping Article 370 which gives special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Remember, recently Article 370 of the Indian Constitution was scrapped by the President’s order and Parliament also passed the bill which got President’s consent to bifurcate Jammu & Kashmir into two Union Territories; Jammu & Kashmir (with Legislature) and Ladakh (without Legislature).

On this eve, I would like to wish all of you a very happy Independence Day. 🙂  Do good to yourself and make our country pride with your work and deeds. Stay united as there are many forces who are trying to disturb the situation post disruption of Article 370. So it’s up to us to keep calm and be patient enough in order to not to get carried away with fake news and rumours. Be united, a humble appeal to all of us. Once again, a very happy Independence day to all of you. Celebrate, enjoy the day and last but not the least, be happy always… 🙂 🙂

– Ashish Kumar


42 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day…

      1. Thanks ashish though here the climate is much different for a celebration..I Donno if you are from Kerala..but you might have obviously heard in news the flood happening continuously for the last two years

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        1. Yes, I have seen that on news channels. Kerela, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat had been hit hard due to floods. I live in Mumbai which was hit hard due to extremely heavy rain and high tides couple of weeks ago…

          Stay safe and take care of yourself… Hope the flood should go away soon and life should come at normal…

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          1. The flood is slowly going away.. but the people who suffered, I Donno how long it would take for them to comeback to normal life..many lost their loved ones, homes, lands and so on…yes, life must move on Whatever happens.. hope they get immense courage to survive


            1. It’s sad to know that many lost their lives and many have to shift to other places… Hope situation should come to normalcy. But the loss which happened cannot be filled… Let’s pray for betterment…

              Take care Akhila and stay safe…

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    1. Thanks a lot for your visit and giving your time to read this… Yes, exactly! Celebrating independence day doesn’t need any specific time. In fact, every day is an independence day… 😊

      Welcome to my world of writing Sheetal… Keep visiting… 🤗🙏

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      1. sheetalgarg

        yaa.. I did .. so sorry tht ur cmnts went to spam .. idk why … but now I’hv read n replied to them all .. Thankyou so much for your kind visit to my site .. Thanks alot 🌼

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