इक शुरुवात

आप सबके समकक्ष कर रहा हूं मैं इक शुरुवात।

उम्मीद है पसंद आयेगी मेरी नई लेखनी अंदाज़।

प्यार, व्यंग्य और सामाजिक विषयों को छूते हुए।

आपके चेहरे पर हल्की मुस्कान लाते हुए।

ला रहा हूं मैं आपके समकक्ष अपनी नई किलकारी।

उम्मीद है पसंद आएगी आपको मेरी शायारी।

Ashish Kumar

39 thoughts on “इक शुरुवात

    1. WordPress is not a Hindi website, it’s a platform to share your views in almost all the languages of which Hindi is a part.. You can write your posts in Hindi as well… The other platform is Blogger powered by Google. Many Indian authors write in Hindi on blogger/blogspot and share there… I was having my separate Hindi blog on blogger but I imported that to WordPress in 2015 as WordPress has a good networking platform as well…
      Are you asking about the blogging network of Hindi bloggers or platform or community like Indiblogger etc where you can share your Hindi work? Please clarify..

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        1. Yes that’s right… WordPress is easy and user friendly and hence it is the mostly used platform by the bloggers across the street globe… 🤗 You can post your Hindi work on your blog by creating a separate category for your Hindi writing. 👍🙏

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    1. Hey Thanks a lot Nishita for your kind words and support… Really appreciate your time to read those works of mine… If my writings can bring smile on your face, its a big reward for me… Humbled to know the same… Keep smiling always… 🙂 🙂

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