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One of the important characteristics of any person is his behavior which is an important indicator of personality. What needs to be said and the manner in which it needs to be conveyed is important. Behavior is indeed a major factor or better to say it is a deciding factor in almost all aspects of life. Sometimes it is said that knowledge is important but behavioral knowledge is most important. Knowledge doesn’t mean what one learns from books but it is a combination of bookish knowledge and behavioral knowledge. Behavioral knowledge is what one learns from his experience, day to day work, interacting with people etc. Behavior also shapes one’s character which, if lost is a disaster itself.

Life is full of ups and downs. When one achieves something, it is natural to be happy and feel proud. On the opposite side, failure disappoints us leading to depression and frustration in some cases. We always desire to achieve best in our life with our efforts and skills. When one desires to be different and make a difference, behavior does matter. World is full of amazing people having different behavior and it plays an important role in shaping our life. How we behave decides our fate as well. There are many aspects of behavioral knowledge which I have discussed below:

  • Criticism: Criticize only when it is required and necessary. Criticizing others is the easiest thing one can do. It doesn’t take much to criticize others but repercussion may be drastic. Criticism is also a self defense tool. It is also said that being a critic is the easiest thing one can do. Criticism is frequently used everywhere, be it in job or not. In fact, managers in the organizations find various ways to criticize their subordinates. Many criticize just to show their power which is not acceptable at all. There are cases also where unnecessary criticism ended up in belligerent situation. Nobody will tolerate to be criticized when there is no fault from his side. Hence, criticize only when it is required. Constructive criticism should be welcomed and unnecessary criticism must be avoided. In fact, in his famous book titled, “How to win friends and influence people”, the author, Dale Carnegie had suggested not to criticize and condemn.
  • Appreciation: One should appreciate others if he deserves. There is no shame in appreciating others work but unfortunately this practice is not followed. There are hardly few who genuinely appreciate others work and feel happy for their achievement. The reason can be many and one of them is the feeling of jealously. It has been observed that people avoid appreciating other because they feel jealous which should not be the case. Appreciation is a tool of motivation. If you appreciate other, you will be appreciated in return. It is a courtesy which shows your respect and recognition for others. You will not lose anything if you appreciate but you will gain respect from the one whom you appreciated.
  • Judgmental: No doubt, people are judgmental and they pass their judgment. What they conclude in the form of their judgement is what they perceive. They conclude without any analysis. Do we possess enough knowledge to judge others or do we have right to pass judgement? Ask this question before giving your judgement. Many people pass their view suddenly and declare the end result. This can be understood by an example. Suppose a student has completed his higher secondary education and decides to go for career in engineering having firm faith in him that he can pursue engineering and do well in his career but one of the family members were not convinced with his choice as there were no engineers from their family in the past. They bluntly said you cannot become an engineer as none from our family has yet become and hence choose some other career. They simply passed their judgement. Take other example, people do judge with what you eat and wear. People do judge with status symbol or better to say have materialistic approach towards others. Poor people are the best example. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was born in very poor family and he used to sell newspapers in his childhood to run the family and to bear his expenses for study. People used to pass various comments and judgement on Kalam’s study and his future but the rest is history as he became the Missile Man of India and later the President of India.  There are many other examples where you can come up with such situation. Hence, beware before passing any judgement as you never know where that person will be in future whom you are passing your judgement.  Give suggestions which are welcomed but don’t give your judgement which may be reversed in future.
  • Pragmatic: One should be pragmatic which means being practical. Behave and decide as per the prevailing situation. Be practical enough to realize the complexity of life and be flexible enough to cope up with the changes. Behave as per the situation. Be realistic in your approach.
  • Empathy: Empathy means putting yourself in others situation. It is often said, one should have empathy for others. If someone is in problem, understand their problem and help them if they need but don’t make fool of him. Put it simply, one can feel the pain of hunger only when he has not eaten for few days or else he will never know what hunger means. Similarly, if someone is suffering from any problems, understand it and help him if he asks but don’t make fun of his problem. There are many who enjoys a lot when they see others are suffering from any miss happening which is not at all right. If you enjoy and make fun out of others issues and problems, you may encounter such scenes in your life as well. Don’t laugh on others problems instead have some empathy. Empathetic behavior is very important which is missing now a day. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in his book titled “Hit Refresh” has insisted and recommended empathy a lot and in any organization, managers must have empathy for their subordinates. Empathy reflects sense of caring attitude which is a kind of motivation. Employee should feel that the management and the organization do care for them.
  • Support: Support is as important as any other thing for anyone. Be it mental or monetary, support is required at some part in life. If you can’t support, don’t criticize as well. Support is not help as it is usually seen. Support means you are standing behind someone whom you trust or understand. There are times when you have to take tough decisions in life but there is no one to support you. That time, if you get anyone who is in support of you and taking your side, it is a kind of energy-booster. It also requires courage to support.
  • Learn: Learning is a continuous process. Don’t consider yourself to be an omniscient person. Life is the best teacher and it teaches us from situation, either good or bad which we experience in our life. Mistakes are part of life and one should learn from the mistakes. Technical or non-technical, learning gives you the result at some point in life. People generally become hopeless in difficult situation but tackling those situations is also a kind of learning. Confused? If you can tackle challenges in life, you have learned to face challenges which ultimately help you in decision making which is very crucial. Having said this, one should also learn to unlearn. What needs to be unlearned is a question? To put simply, learn to unlearn bad attitude and ego. Keep yourself updated and don’t learn those things which needs to be unlearned. Every people has something unique and one should learn from others as well. Learn the positive aspect and unlearn the negative ones.  Learn to discover your strength which you possess. One of the best method of learning yourself is introspection which gives you chance to talk to yourself and discover your areas where it requires improvement. Introspect at least once in a day or in a week as it is a game changer. The essence of introspection can be felt by one of the famous quotes of Swami Vivekananda which says, “Talk to yourself at least once in a day, otherwise you may miss a meeting with an excellent person in this world.”
  • Give and take respect: Respect is the end result what you get from your behavioral knowledge. It is that thing which may or may not have any monetary value but definitely have some recognition which you have earned from others. When you are respected, you have value and your words will have more weightage. Having said this, respect is earned and cannot be purchased and it can be only earned by your behavior which have many aspects discussed in above points like criticism, appreciation, empathy etc. You have to respect others to get respected. Be calm and polite. Respect others opinion as well and don’t force your opinion on others unless it is extremely required. One can purchase lot of stuffs and earn lot of money but may not earn respect. It totally depends on how we behave and how we listen and respect others as well.

Knowledge is necessary part of life and behavioral knowledge is a kind of value addition which shapes one’s personality and character. The various aspects of behavioral knowledge which I shared above is my personal thinking and the list is not exhaustive. What I have thought is important as far is behavior is concerned and that too in the form of knowledge, I tried to share in this article.  In my opinion, behavior is as important as any other thing. Be it work, home or any other place, behavior decides many things in our life. What to say and what not to say is important and crucial. Bad behavior creates problem at the end and it is we who need to decide how to behave as it decides our fate as well. Let me summarize some of the take away from the above discussion:

  • Don’t criticize. If required, approach should be Constructive Criticism.
  • Appreciate others work
  • Don’t pass judgement. Give suggestions if required.
  • Be pragmatic
  • Keep learning from your experiences and mistakes
  • Be empathetic
  • Give respect

I was having this theme in my mind from many months but finally though of writing this article on behavioral aspect of knowledge or what I say, Behavioral Knowledge. What’s your take on behavior? Is behavior plays important part in our life? Does behavior shapes our personality and character? Please share your views…. 🙂 🙂

– Ashish Kumar

68 thoughts on “Behavioral Knowledge

  1. In my opinion, good behavior is directly connected with respect. If I respect my counterpart then I will behave well. If I respect nature and all beings then I will behave compassionately and caring. Thought-provoking post, Ashish. Thank you!

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    1. Yes, you rightly figured good behavior is directly connected with respect. It’s simply a give and take relationship at the end… People should respect and show caring attitude as well… Thank you so much mam for taking your time to go through the article and finding it worth and thought provoking… A big compliment from your side… Pleased to know the same… 🙏🙏🤗

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  2. This is a thorough post with deep thought provoking reminders. A person’s behavior reveals more than what one claims to be. It also reveals how much they value themselves through how kind and compassionate they can be when relating to others.

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my article… I’m delighted to know that you found it worth… Yes, you printed out correctly that many people pretend to be humble and claims to be perfect in many aspects but reality differs…
      Thank you so much for giving your time to go through this lengthy article and sharing your valuable views which is worth indeed… Humbled… 👍🙏🤗

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    1. I’m pleased to know that my article can be useful and can be implemented as well… That’s a big reward for me… Really humbled to know the same from you… 🙏🙏
      Welcome to my world of writing… Good to get connected with you here on WordPress… Keep visiting… 🤗👍🙏

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      1. Definitely will be returning! I’m sorry it took so long to come by. I’m finally able to “take a stroll” through the blogs of those who have been so kind to stop by and like my writing and it’s been truly rewarding. Your writing is both beautiful and insightful. I’ll be coming back to bread your older writings soon.

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        1. I’m delighted to hear such kind words and support towards my writings and considering them to be insightful and beautiful which is a big reward for me… 😃😊 Thank you so much for showing your interest in writing and will be looking forward of hearing from you on my other posts as well… It’s glad that we connected here on WordPress… 🙏 I have visited your blog today morning and will be soon sharing my views as well… 🤗🙏

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  3. Nicely written. In my opinion, behavior is perception. A person accumulate huge knowledge while in his/her upbringing; whether it’s a good or bad. In our upbringing society plays a significant role to enhance our perception. It’s not like a boy/girl with bad behavior has always taught or seen bad things and a boy/girl with a good behavior never came across to bad things. We all had a life where we had done many good and bad scandals. What is important is that how we learned from it and cultivated our perception in order to call good behaviour.
    (P.S: I’ve got much more to scribble now; just realised that I could write entire article on this. Thanks You Ashish)

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    1. Yes, upbringing and society does play significant role in behavior. As far as good or bad is concerned what I feel is that what you consider good may be bad for other and vice versa. Same thing is applicable for perception as well and hence I think these are subjective in nature.

      I really appreciate your visit and taking time to go through this post and sharing your valuable views which is worth indeed… 👍👏 Welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting… 🙏🤗

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        1. That’s nice to know from you and I am delighted to hear your views on my writing which is a piece of motivation for me… Yes, learning is a continuous process and your spirit to learn is commendable… Good to get connected with you here on WordPress… 🤗😃🙏


    1. Yes being judgemental is not correct as nobody knows what will happen and what will be the future of other whom we are passing judgement…
      Thank you so much for sharing your views which is commendable and thanks a lot for liking my work… Humbled… 🙏🤗😊

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    1. It’s my pleasure to have you here and welcome to my world of writing… Glad you gave your time to read and share your valuable views… Pleased to know that you considered this post worth… 👍🙏🤗. I write in English only most of the times. My most of the posts are in English in various categories like poems, articles, quotes etc. 🙏
      Thanks a lot for your visit and liking my work… Keep visiting… 🤗😊

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  4. Hello there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!


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