The Writer’s Block…

Writing is an art. When a writer pens down his creativity with the use of magical words, a new literary piece is born. It takes immense effort to write, from beginning to the end. What to write and how to present it? It happens several times when you thought of writing something chosen but came up writing on something else. Isn’t it??? Even though when you come up writing something else which you didn’t thought of doing so and when the end result is satisfying, it is again a new creation. This happened with me several times. I think to write something specific and come out of writing something else.

Writing gives me satisfaction and I am sure it gives satisfaction to all who writes. But what happens when the writers are unable to write for some time or the thinking ability slows down for a while. The situation where writers are unable to produce their literary pieces is what we call the “writer’s block”. It is the situation where the author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. This is quite natural and happens with every writer. It gives the writer to take rest from writing for a while and come back with refreshing new literary pieces. Going forward, refreshment does play a role when one comes back. As the mind is ready, devoted and the best part is, one writes from his heart.

As it is said, when you write keep the heart and the soul intact in your literary work, then only readers will get the real fragrance and taste of your writing.  Don’t let the “heart and soul” missing in your work. Writer’s block is a way to revive yourself, think little different and come up with a new genre. For example, if someone is writing mostly on romanticism, he may come up writing on social issues etc. I think the writer’s block gives a chance to think differently, try different genre and also present in different way. I have been away from writing several times. In blogging world, I was silent for about six months too due to my studies and other personal stuffs but was always happy to come back. I avoid forceful writing. Whenever I have something in my mind, I try to present to all of you. Writer’s block is not a misfortune. There might me several reasons making writers to go in the writer’s block, from personal to professional etc. But there is always a chance for come back. So, what is your take on writer’s block? Have you ever been in the writer’s block? Do share your views and experience…

– Ashish Kumar

49 thoughts on “The Writer’s Block…

  1. This is so true we all face this situation called writer’s block.. you have explained it so well.. yes it’s an attitude that can change this block into an opportunity to think differently and try new.. thank you for sharing this dear 😊

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    1. Thank you so much Kranti for your sharing your views on the writer’s block. No doubt it can be converted into an opportunity.
      Always a pleasure to go through your views. Lucky to have readers like you. Thanks again. 🙏👍😊

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  2. Hello Ashish,
    I combat writer’s block by simultaneously working on several books. When I run against a wall with one book, I set it aside and work on another. This switch keeps me going.
    When I return to the first manuscript, I see it with fresh eyes and that helps to proceed and polish the work.
    Currently, I’m working on 3 books in various stages of completion, and already have outlines for 3 more. On ‘barren’ days, I research for the drafted ideas to get ready for transforming the outlines into the first draft.
    It is exhilarating, and works for me.
    All good wishes with your writing,

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    1. Thank you so much sir for giving such a worth insight on the writer’s block… I am pleased to have your visit at my blog. Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting and motivating a novice like me with your valuable views… 🙂

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  3. I can relate to this because I just came back after a lot of gap (not exactly due to writer’s block but life busied me). And I totally agree. It’s never advisable to force yourself to write. Things turn out to be much better if they’re nurtured without any pressure. 🎈

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    1. Yup. It happens and every writers face this writer’s block due to some reason.
      It’s good to see you coming back after a gap and I hope you will have a great time ahead with your writing skills.
      Thanks a lot Sana for sharing your insights on the Writer’s block. Glad you appreciated the post. 👍😊🙏

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    1. Yes, it is a thought process. Writing a poem/article/story or anything requires a lot of thinking and creativity and then using the appropriate words, framing the sentences etc…
      Thanks a lot for your views. 👍👍


  4. I have writers block more frequently when I am setting too many goals instead of writing simply for the joy, the excitement that comes when the story moves.

    I want to say thank you for visiting my site and supporting my blog!

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    1. Yeah, happens sometimes. Setting too many goals also invites writer’s block as it happens with you… Thank you so much for sharing your views on the writer’s block.
      I appreciate your visit at my blog and would like to welcome to my blog. Keep visiting… 🙂

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