Solitude – Pleasure or pain?

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Solitude is one the situations which often makes or break confidence, relations, mindset, perception etc. It is the state or situation where one feels alone or lonely. Human nature wants to be known and admired and solitude is just opposite where one finds himself to be detached from everyone. The reason of being felt lonely can be many like not getting what desired, love failure, introvert nature, jealousy etc. The repercussion of solitude is sometimes harsh even leading to suicidal death which is startling and extreme. One of the main consequences of solitude is that people lose hope and get depressed. Losing hope is that state where one finds nothing positive for himself and negative vibes starts accumulating in mind.

Feeling of loneliness is not new and one feels lonely several times in life. Some of the common reasons behind solitude are love failure, failure in innovating something new, break up in the relationships etc. If you are a song lover, you might have came across many songs which are solely based on solitude. When people fail in love, they think they are nowhere and they are the one who finds themselves the loneliest person in world. When someone resigns from his job because he doesn’t liked it, it also gives a lonely feeling till he finds a suitable job as per his interest. When there is a misunderstanding which leads to fight between family members and all are members are against you, solitude again finds a place. There are many other circumstances where one encounters solitude in his/her life. All these are part of life and should be taken as an experience.

Life has many aspects and solitude or feeling of loneliness is one of them which can be a pleasure or pain. Surprised to see how it can be a pleasure? Yes it can be a pleasure if one takes this as an opportunity. Generally, people consider solitude as a pain. It is a pain if one thinks it in that way and can be a pleasure as well if you have guts to convert that pain into pleasure which is difficult but not impossible. One should think in a different way and should take solitude as an opportunity. Solitude is that situation where one finds himself to be detached from rest of the world.  When you are detached, you have enough time to think and rejuvenate yourself. Surprised??? Solitude gives you a chance to talk to yourself what we call as introspection and introspection leads to creativity and innovation. When you introspect, you are able to find the loopholes and can start from scratch or can find the better way round which can give fruitful results. Solitude also gives you the chance to know your inner strength, how strong you are and how you are going to manage trying circumstances. All these counts and makes you much stronger than before. Converting solitude into an opportunity is difficult but not impossible. Solitude indeed gives you a chance to prove yourself and come back with smiling face post debacle, if any.  The only thing matter is how one takes this situation, either positive or negative. Choice has to be made.

It takes time to get rid of the bad moments where one finds himself detached but should not allow prolong accumulation of negative vibes which ultimately leads to depression and frustration. Take time and start as nothing lasts forever.  If you keeps on thinking and thinking on what happened in past or past bad memories then how you will live in present and how will you secure your future? In my opinion, solitude is neither a disaster nor a debacle;  it’s a part of our life. Life has many layers, both good and bad. I too have been in solitude several times and was able to tackle which was a nice experience. Experience again is very important in life, both positive and negative which makes you a strong person which helps you in decision making. Remember one thing, if you feel lonely because of absence of people around you, your conscience and confidence still remains within you which are capable enough to convert negative into positive. What I would convey is take solitude not as a burden but spent some time and think and come back with smiling face. Lastly, I would like to share one of the famous quotes of Bob Marley.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Bob Marley


– Ashish Kumar

62 thoughts on “Solitude – Pleasure or pain?

    1. Thank you so much for reading and finding the article worth. Good thought you have as not to feel lonely even though if you are alone. Generally, people feel lonely in absence of people around them but their confidence and conscience remains with them.
      Thanks a lot for your views… Glad you liked the post… 🙂

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    1. Yes, having people around makes one feel lonely. There are crowd everywhere but then also people do feel lonely. Mere presence of people cannot end loneliness. It is the state of mind which thinks one is lonely. Obviously, happiness matters at the end. I wrote this post keeping in mind the perception that solitude is generally considered to be a bad situation which is not the case always…

      Welcome to my blog. Very nice to know your thoughts and adding one more dimension on solitude… Thanks a lot for reading… Keep visiting… 🙂

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    1. Yes, one should stay positive. Thank you so much for your visit and reading and liking my work. Glad you appreciated my writing.
      Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting. 😄
      You can address me with my name dear. No formalities. I will be visiting your new blog soon. 😄

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  1. Very nice write up on solitude covering almost all the necessary dimensions, personally i am an introvert and always enjoy my stay with myself, reading books and blogs,listening songs and most importantly realizing myself and the life more deeply all these i cherish a lot.

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    1. You rightly said, solitude can be an opportunity to for self-discovery if taken positively. It all depends on how we take it.
      Thanks a lot Kranti for taking time to read the article and finding it worth. Glad you appreciated it. Means a lot. 😄😄👍

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  2. I personally feel solitude and loneliness are two different things though the literal meaning of both overlap. Loneliness has is associated with a negativity, while solitude isn’t rather it is a tranquil and peaceful place to be all by yourself. Converting loneliness to a state of solitude is a challenge though and if you start liking your solitude that’s a dangerous to be in as well.
    Hope I haven’t confused you with my ramblings 🙂

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    1. Your comment is not a rambling. You have added a new dimension of solitude and loneliness of which I was not aware. Your views is different and really appreciate that you took the time to think in that shared the same here. Thanks a lot for your valuable views. 👏👏
      I would like to welcome you to my world of writing. Keep visiting and motivating me with your valuable views. 👍😄😄

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    1. Agree. Solitude give time to reflect and contemplate provided one should take solitude positively. Good to know that solitude connotes to you this.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable views on this article. Pleased to hear from you. 😄👍

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  3. Yess…you’re right we should embrace solitude and reinvent ourself in that process….solitude teaches us so many things and it’s also a major experience of life….we should enjoy our own company because no one is more worthy for us..nd you really expressed it so well…its really appreciable that you came up with this major topic…it was nice looking up to your post…🌸

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    1. I would like to thank you for your valuable feedback on this article which discusses about the Solitude which many takes it a burden. Rather if taken in a positive way it can be a game changer for all as it gives us chance to talk to ourselves and introspect which enables us to rectify our flaws if any… I am delighted to have your views on this… 👍🤗
      Thank you so much for your visit and giving your time to go through my posts… Good to hear from you and welcome to my world of writing… Keep visiting… 👍🙏🤗


  4. To be honest, I’ve been going through this situation in my life lately. Where I feel left alone by my loved ones.. But it’s your attitude which determines whether it can make or break you as you rightly said and I truly believe that this situation of mine has made me a positive person and I’ve started working on my goals and myself’s a lovely post. Thank you for sharing. 🌸

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    1. Good to know that now you are focusing on your goals and solitude is not a barrier. We learn a lot from different experiences of life and solitude is one of them… I too have gone through many phases and this article was jut to throw light on other aspect of solitude if we take it in positive way. An yes, our attitude matters a lot, no doubt.

      This article was a small attempt from my side as many take solitude in a negative way which I thought to portray with a different angle… Thanks a lot for giving your time to read and finding it worth… 🙂 🙂


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