Not in a mood…

Not in a mood to write anything.
What should be motto behind writing?
The mind has become little tired.
Better not to write something weird.
Eyes are blinking continuously.
Losing my energy slowly.
I think to take some rest.
Coming back, I will enjoy the fest.
Seems like I am sleeping.
Better to avoid writing.
It depends on the thought process.
Better to avoid forceful writing process.
Good days to all.
Hope I will wake up soon from sleeping.
I am not in a mood of writing.

– Ashish Kumar

41 thoughts on “Not in a mood…

    1. Hmmm… I write only when I am in a mood to write… I avoid forceful writing just because to post… Whenever some thought comes in my mind I try to pen it down… I am also not that much frequent. There are times when I get out of blogging for many months (maximum 6 months as far as I remember) but whenever I get time or get some idea or thought I try to write… Simply stating when you are willing to write or you are in a mood to write , thoughts and words come automatically. I write because I love to write… Hope I answered your question… 🙂
      Thank you so much for reading and good to know that you were able to relate to this poem… 🙂

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  2. Ashish you have put it so well and we all go through this phase. Writing is all about being in that zone, allowing our mind to be free and feel the power of putting the words to our floating thoughts. Yes, we all face that block of thoughts and we call it the writer’s block, it is like smokescreen, we change the lens and change the place and get our mood back after a break we are there with all our zest and fest to keep the words flowing like the beautiful stream…

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