Ignoring the beauty of life…


Looking at every aspect of life.
We do ignore the beauty of life.
During the midst of happy and sad.
We really become, sometimes mad.
Chasing the one which we don’t need.
Lands us in situation of greed.
Even the heart says it is wrong.
We indulge in doing the wrong.
Involving in the thorny path.
We ignore the present golden path.
Instead of finding the positive.
We do find negatives in positive.
Leaving the glorious beauty aside.
We move towards the unhealthy side.

One needs to have introspection.
Instead of indulging in conspiration.
Life has several layers to come.
Good or bad, we need to overcome.
During the sole honeymoon period.
We forget the struggle period.
One should learn from the mistakes of past.
Rather than blaming the past.
The mindset needs to be changed.
Then only we can bring a change.
Harsh reality still persists.
Looking at every aspect of life.
We do ignore the beauty of life.
Ignore the beauty of life.

– Ashish Kumar

18 thoughts on “Ignoring the beauty of life…

  1. Nathi

    Well said! I think it’s human nature to look at the negative side of things. However, it’s imperative for us to retrain our minds to look at the positives in life.

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  2. Sometimes it literally becomes impossible to look at the beauty of life but other times it’s our negativity that often prevents us from appreciating life which is very essential, something you very beautifully pointed out in this.

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  3. It is so much easier to complain about the bad things than making the effort to see the good beneath or around it and as you said, we should learn from it and that way the blessing shows up earlier!

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