Perception about writers…

Hello  to all my bloggers and writers and to all who are reading this post. There is a question which often comes in my mind that why people think writer’s are unconventional and not normal. Most of the times I have seen people commenting about the writers ability to write and convey their thoughts. Or better to say they simply conclude that “writers are mad”. 😦 Are we really ???

Being myself a writer I can feel this kind of thoughts coming from those group of people who are non-writers. The question is how and why they perceive like this? I think if I am able to write something apart from academics work , it is an extra talent which I posses. This perception can be easily observed and I think you might have felt the same at some point in life. It is a kind of startling perception.


One reason can be they are jealous that how he/she is able to write while doing other task as well. 🙂 Those who write they only know how much effort and dedication is required in writing which include fiction, short stories, poems, articles etc. What to include and what not to include in the posr? Is the post can be related to those who are reading ? Also those criticize writers they forget that they too are reading something either in books, internet or newspapers, novels  etc which are also being composed by non other than writers itself. I have been also criticized by many like “Kya likhte rehta hai… koi kaam nahi hai kya? (What you are always writng… Don’t have any other work?) ” 

I tell you the reason why I write. I write because I love to do so and I hope most of the writers write because of the same. It is the passion which keeps on growing  which results into creation of new posts.  I have written a poem summarizing about why people write. You can read that poem titled Why do I write?  So whats your take on perception about writer’s? Share your views in the form of comments…

– Ashish Kumar

39 thoughts on “Perception about writers…

    1. Yes it is. We think differently which makes us different from rest of the world… I liked your view very much… Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts. I just thought of asking this question so that all writers like you and including me can put their insights on this… Thanks again 🙂

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        1. I am also fine and doing good. Little bit occupied with loads of study and related projects. But also trying to be frequently active in blogging. 🙂
          Take care Asha and get well soon. Best wishes. 🙂


  1. Who the heck told you writers are mad? Haters will always be there, no matter which profession you are in. One good thing about writing is that you can turn even the ugliest and most miserable thing that you have faced into a beautiful prose or poetry. Now that’s something that only art and music can do. So revel in the knowledge that you’re a writer..
    For the haters – eff off!

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  2. myredlipsstick

    I completely second your thought….. we write because we love to write….but most importantly we love to read…. and that is something a few people can truly love….writing is an outlet of thoughts emotions passion and opinions…. but in a world of fools the writers are the fools 😉

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