What is good and bad ?

There are times when we are not able to distinguish between the good and the bad. How do we come to a conclusion whether this is good or that is bad ? Is there a parameter for the same ? Well… this is an open debate and will remain as everyone has its own way to distinguish between the two. One thing can be good for someone and the same can be bad for others. This happens for sure. This article discusses about the goodness and badness.

In the fast moving world, we often come to circumstances where we are  not in a condition to come to a conclusion. A dilemma surrounds us. How do we call something is good ? If somebody helps you in trying condition, is that good ? When you are forced to do what you don’t want to do, is that good ? The normal answer is yes and no respectively.  There is also a time when we take some startling decisions hoping to have good impact in future but reverse happens. Life is full of twists and turns. Every individual has its own way to distinguish between the two.

Let me give some practical examples. Suppose a boy and a girl are in love with each other. The girl suddenly thinks that he is not a perfect match for her and decides to call an end to the relationship. When the boy comes to know the same he will be in shock for sometime for sure. Boy will definitely have  a kind of negativity and darkness at that time and in general he will say the girl did very bad to me. Ladki ne mere sath bahut ganda kiya… bla, bla etc… 😦  The reverse can also happen.  The thing is the boy thinks that the girl had done bad to him and at the same time the girl will think its good that I decided to dump him…. Now have a look at a different perspective. Suppose there are two friends who are having good friendship for a long time. First one has never been in bad doings and the second had done some bad in the past but not to his friend.  Both are having equal trust on each other. Suddenly there is a U turn taken by the second one due to greed or some other reason and he did something to his best friend which the later had never expected which ultimately lands his friend in no mans land. Now with this kind of betrayal the one who had never done bad in his life seems to have totally gone out of his goodness. He starts doing things which is totally out of his domain and range indulging in nuisance activities and ultimately harming others as well. Here betrayal made a good man finally coming in to a bad man now.  Is it right to become bad from good ?

The question what is good and what is bad has no answer in general. This is also a question which was running in my mind for many years. So I thought of raising this uncommon question in the form of this article. At the end, I would like to share one of the quotes of one of the greatest son of India, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati  who in this quote had given a strong message which makes this quote one of my favorite.

When bad does not leave their badness why does the good leave there goodness.

            – Maharshi Dayand Saraswati 


So what according to you is good and bad ? Share your views… 🙂

– Ashish Kumar

14 thoughts on “What is good and bad ?

  1. As I see it there is nothing like good of bad. There simply is the being of things. Good or bad is totally subjective. There is no measure for it. All that is, is for a reason in order to create something new of it, in order to make us understand. Good or bad exists in our minds in order to learn from that polarity. As soon as we got the insight, good or bad dissolves and what is left we call “unconditional”.

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    1. Yes, it is being of things but the question is if it is simply being of things , why we start relating them in terms of goodness or badness ? Or better to say being judgemental. That’s how one looks at different aspects of life practically.
      Thank you so much mam for reading and sharing your lovely views. 🙂

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      1. We always see things from our perspective, from the way we expect them and how they appear in reality…. that makes us judgemental. I guess when we stop expecting we can be more unconditional!


  2. well.. good or bad can’t be objectified…it all depends on one’s state of mind.. and most importantly good or bad carries the true meaning as long as it is not hurting someone else

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    1. Yes, one of the parameter can be not hurting anyone but is it the only one? Or good and bad belong to our state of mind as raided by you? My question is why we are so habituated with this terminology if it does not exist at all ?
      From securing marks in exams to doing jobs, from cooking to eating , from behaviour to knowledge etc… we normally judge them in good or bad sense. These questions still persists but not able to find the answers. So thought of raising here. 🙂

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    1. Welcome to my blog sir. Honoured to have you here.
      Thank you so much for sharing your views. Keep visiting. 🙂
      Its true good and bad more or less depends on individual perspective. At the same time both are used on daily basis in life. In almost every situation we express our goodness or badness. Or better to say practically we are surrounded by something good or bad depending upon our analysis. If it is theoretical, the question still persist we are habituated for the same practically.
      Thank you so much for your lovely views. 🙂

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  3. My stand is very clear on it. What feels good to me is good for me and what feels bad to me is bad for me. The difficulty is not in choosing between good and bad but good and good. For example, girl somehow finds that the boy isn’t a perfect match for her but she also observes that he’s trying his best to be. In this case, she wants to end the relationship but do not want to hurt the emotions of boy. Here’s a decision between good and good. In other words, which is more good or better?

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