Try at least once…


Try at least once.
What if you are not done ?
Think of something rare.
Then surely you can dare.
Believe yourself for sure.
Goal will be definitely yours.

Make yourself synonym of effort.
What if there is a sword ?
Move with a trust of hope.
There will be surely a scope.
Nothing lasts forever.
As you are the game changer.
Try at least once.
What if you are not done?



– Ashish Kumar

30 thoughts on “Try at least once…

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  2. Very profound thought Ashish and you have put so subtly and so nicely. Yes, what is in our hand is trying out and trying new things and trying different things, then we expect something different and something new to happen in our life. Beautifully chosen words, rare and dare, hope and scope…it rhythms and rhythms very well along with the message that comes along with it, deeply thought out and simply put for easy consumption…yes, it can be the game changer.

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    1. We can try and try which is in our hand which may lead us to our goal. Nothing new can be achieved without thinking new and trying for the same.
      Thank you so much sir for reading and praising my work. Your words are always a source of motivation. Thanks again. 🙂

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