Battle with joy

Life has many things to offer.
Either good or bad, one has to suffer.
Experiences has a role to play.
Making the path for smoother way.
Each fights at least a battle daily.
Wondering whether is it necessary really?
The question starts here.
The road to an unknown battle.
Sometimes resulting in vain.
Sometimes bearing a severe pain.
Life is incomplete without fight.
But not with the humans.
Which we fight at every moment.
What to do what not to do.
What is right what is wrong…
Either in day or night.
We have to fight.

The battle which we fight always.
Is never real always.
Its a virtual fight.
Which cannot be seen but felt.
The battle which we cannot stop.
So better not to try to put a full stop.
One has to face and win.
Rather to be in disguise and ruin.
Take that in positive way.
To build the path for your way.
There is nothing to cry.
Face the battle with joy.
Just … Face the battle with joy….


 – Ashish Kumar

30 thoughts on “Battle with joy

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    1. Yes, it is true that sometimes we make a big issue even though it is not really so and we are trap in our own thoughts of battle. But if you look at the other side our mind keeps on thinking and taking decisions which may be right sometime and wrong sometime. If it is right we win or otherwise lose… 🙂

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            1. Oh… so sorry… I was replying to your comment from notification section… that’s why couldn’t able to see and when I opened the page I saw the your comment along with the quote… The quote is beautiful and am glad that my poem goes well with the theme of this quote… 🙂
              Once gain sorry for the inconvenience… 😦

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  2. Beautifully captured the tussle of mind with the world, life is a journey to face and fight the odds that keep coming and ease to keep even in place but the way we overcome the odds makes life meaningful…we tend to escape the odds, though it is in the real world but the fight is a virtual one in our mind.

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