Fire in water

Leave the tension aside.
Just move on your side.
Pave the way for better tomorrow.
Lets have no space for sorrow.

Enjoy each and every moment.
Try to create a worthy moment.
Life have so many layers inside.
Its up to us how we keep ourselves intact.

Shattering moments will come.
Those should be welcomed.
Fight with your full strength.
At the end you will get strength.

Life is all such.
Don’t take tension much.
Weather changes from time to time.
Don’t lose patience in hard time.
One has immense power.
No need to get shattered.
Introspect your strength.
You can burn fire in water.
Be positive always.
That will create your way.
The road is long.
The goal is hanging in tower.
Move forward.
You can burn fire in water.
Burn fire in water.


– Ashish Kumar

40 thoughts on “Fire in water

    1. Hey thank you so much for eagerly waiting for my posts… Sorry for not posting frequently in these days as I am very busy with my work… But will try to be active here soon… 🙂
      Felt good that you were waiting for my posts and I was having a smile on my face when I read your comment… Its good that you were thinking and my post just appeared… be blessed… 🙂

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    1. I am humbled to know that my poetry has given some strength and optimism to you. If my words are able to make a change or someone can get benefit from it, then this is the biggest reward that I can get… I pray that everything will be all right soon and hope you fight with the underlying circumstances… Best wishes… 🙂

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