When I walk, i see you walking with me.

Holding my hands, slowly looking at  me.

When i speak, i see you speaking with me.

Moving your lips, slowly talking with me. invisible                                                     

                                                You are the one who always comes in my dreams.    

                                                I don’t know whether i am in a dream.

                                                Sometimes giving a devastating look at my face.  

                                                That time i really like your face.


When the light come, you disappear.

In the dark, you again appear.

Not allowing me to sleep.

Don’t know whether  you take a sleep.

Are you a nightwatchman?


You are looking in me as your man.

“Who are you” is the only question to be answered.

Let it be as there it is, I don’t need any answer. invisible1

Never saw you with open eyes.

Then also want to knot a tie.

Got many gifts and presents.

But your presence is the ultimate “present”.

The presence which is not visible. As you have an “invisible presence”.                  

                 – Ashish Kumar

42 thoughts on “…INVISIBLE PRESENCE…

  1. Lovely poem but sad…. I have a man in my life but he comes and goes mostly in darkness, doesn’t want a real relationship, just someone to be with when the mood hits him so he is very much like a man in my dreams, so hard to take sometimes… but, thank you for sharing your work, very well done. Michelle


    1. I would like to welcome you at my blog. Honored to have your views here.
      Yes sometimes its hard to be with it as you mentioned.
      Thank you so much for sharing your views which will encourage me to write better.
      Thank you for appreciating my imagination which i penned down in the form of a poem. I am delighted. Keep visiting and motivating me with your valuable views. 🙂


  2. Beautiful poem; but illusive presence may sometimes be deceptive though there are the occasions when one wants this hide and seek going on because of uncertainty of things in our life.

    Anyhow thanks sharing.


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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your views… This poem is not related to my personal life. I am trying to touch different different topics in a different way and trying to write better as much as i can. 🙂
      Always needs your wishes. Thank you for stopping by. keep visiting. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A writer is universal in nature. Everything touches him/her whereinsoever he/she experiences something he/she wants others also to know and get benefit. Not necessarily, a part of experience of the person concerned yet everything touches the emotional chord of a writer.

        Whenever I write, I write although it all were my story or narrative. Just immerse in that narrative and find the difference.

        Anyhow, the journey ahead is smooth for one who wants to excel. If you want prove your worth, it would be done with God’s grace.

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  3. It’s sad, yet you have penned it so beautifully 🙂 Sometimes, we meet such people in our life, I guess, thinking about it doesn’t help at all, all we must do is stay strong and work towards a better life.
    Best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes we should move forward… This poem is a try from my side to write something different in a different manner…
      Thank you so much for stopping by. Felt glad that you liked dit…Keep visiting and motivating me with your valuable views… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much for your appreciation… You are always welcome. 🙂 Its an achievement for me that my posts are liked by good bloggers and i will always try to keep it up to the expectations… 🙂


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